Friday, November 27

Lastfm chief: Xbox is the absolute best platform for us to launch our product

Whether you love or hate Microsoft, there's one fact that everyone universally agree with: Xbox Live revolutionized the way we play games and connect online. Microsoft made it clear at launch that their new console was developed to evolve overtime, and they would provide software and services to their user base like no other company could.

About a year ago when the new Xbox experience was launched, what the company had in mind was even closer to being realised. They've teamed up with Facebook, Twitter, Sky, Netflix and other services that have added massive value to the network. is also on Xbox Live, with 35 million users worldwide and a catalogue of over 6 million tracks, it's one of the leading music services changing the way music is consumed; and according to company Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Ryan Regan, there's no better partner they could have launched their product with.

"Something that has always been important to us is to allow our users to access where ever they want to view it and we thought doing that in the living room was going to be a big deal for us this year, and it was a real priority for us as a company," he said to eurogamerTV.

"And we have Xbox which is the absolute best platform for us to launch a product like this, we're interested in the same things.

Regan also spoke about the good experience they had pitching the service to Microsoft and that they [Microsoft] understood them better than their other partners.

"They really think about the interactive dimension in the living room a lot more clearly and I think a lot more deeply than other partners we've talked to about this," he added. also features exclusive services custom-made for the Xbox 360, including music channels dedicated to gamers.

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