Saturday, November 28

Link may fly in new Zelda Wii

How would you like to take to the sky with Link in the new Legend of Zelda for Nintendo Wii? You would? Well keep you fingers crossed because according to the game's producer Eiji Aonuma, the super hero might fly around in the next iteration.

"I have an eight year-old-son myself at home, and quite recently he started playing The Phantom Hourglass for DS, because when the software first hit the market he was too young," Aonuma said.

"When he started playing with the boat, I told him: 'in the next Zelda you are going to be able to ride on a train.' He answered: 'Ok, Dad, first boat, and then train? Surely next time Link is going to fly in the sky...

"I just don't know, if many people make many speculations ... some of them might be correct. Right now, I have to refrain from commenting on anything."

Get more on Link through this link.

11/28/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. if he flies,let him fly on an airplane!

  2. i feel like link shouldn't fly, if he does take some air it should be on a glider or something, maybe like the thing from wind waker