Wednesday, November 25

Massive PSN update this week!

The regular Playstation Network update will not only be arriving two days early this week, but it will also be a massive one featuring tons of new games and other goodies to quench your thirst for content. Below is a list of the games and other content that will be released in the new update, including a PSone game that is one of my favorites of all time.

This is a list of all the PSP content. Little Big Planet PSP and Tekken 6 will be arriving and both will set you back $39.99. Six PSP Minis will also be arriving including: Fortix ($4.99), Pinball Fantasies ($6.99), Blast Off ($2.99), Bloons ($3.99), Kahoots ($4.49), and Let's Golf ($6.99).

The PSone catalogue will also be updating with new games including: Command & Conquer, Dino Crisis, Reel Fishing, Fighting Force, Backstreet Billiards, and International Track & Field.

For the PS3 only, there's a sale on many titles running from now through next Wednesday, December 2. Dropping from $9.99 to $4.99 are Flower, The Last Guy, Prince of Persia Classic, Comet Crash (not to be confused with the newly released Gravity Crash, both of which also have demos available), and Bomberman Ultra.

And dropping in price from $14.99 to $7.49 is Smash Cars and Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao. There's also the sale on the Killzone 2 DLC to celebrate the franchise's five year anniversary, a temporary price drop on Fate Unlimited Codes to $14.99, and the Uncharted 2 Eye of Indra 2 motion comic for just $0.99.

Other new releases include Madden NFL Arcade ($14.99), Diner Dash ($9.99), Gravity Crash ($9.99), and the new Borderlands DLC ($9.99).

That isn't even all of it so if you have the cash to fork over for all this stuff, be sure to pick it up and if you can only afford a few, be sure to pick up Dino-Crisis, especially if you're a fan of survival-horror!

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