Thursday, November 19

Metroid Prime may return to the DS

Here is some news for fans of the 'Metroid Prime' series of video games that thought it all came to an end with the third entry.

The head of the Metroid series Kensuke Tanabe recently stated in an interview with Nintendo Power Magazine that "We are always planning to make new games in the Metroid Prime series." "Depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility of realizing it on the DS or DSi."

This news is by no means a confirmation that Samus will return anytime soon in this form, but it is nice to know that the 'Prime' series will not be forgotten when 'Metroid: Other M' is released in 2010. Now let's just hope that if 'Metroid Prime' does come back to the DS, it won't come in the form of that incredibly dull pinball game.

11/19/09 Colton West


  1. the first day i got it looked sweet so i put it in and it froze i whent back and got another one and it was amazing.