Wednesday, November 11

MW2 allows 8yr olds to become terrorists says Fox News [Update]

[Update] We've added the Fox & Friends interview after the jump.

The media's at it again, blaming video games for society's woes. This time the target is Modern Warfare 2, particularly the scene which allows the player to be a terrorist in order to convince the enemy that he is indeed trust worthy. Fox Fixed News doesn't see it that way, in fact on their morning show Fox and Friends, co-host Steve Doocy interviewed two guys, one defending the game, the other trying to prove why it's too violent.

There was no clear dialogue between the men, just mostly noise with Steve Doocy aiding the guy who's against the title. They asked whether or not the right protocols were in place to keep this "violent" game out of the hands of children, to which the defender replied:

"All the right protocols are in place, the game clearly has the 'M' for mature rating and Retailers have this one under control." He also noted that it was advertised heavily as a game that should be played by mature audiences only, and parents are well aware that such a title should not be bought for under age children. However, his explanation wasn't enough for Steve Doocy.

"Yeah, this game allows 8yr olds to become terrorists."

The guy defending the title shook his head in disgust at the statement the morning show host had just made. I sat down with my mouth dropped as I looked at the TV screen. Note, I don't normally watch Fox Fixed News at all; this was just coincidence this morning. But who's surprised? That News network has a reputation for reporting fallacies anyway; I'll leave it to Keith Olbermann, he knows how to deal with them. Think I'm Kidding? Watch the video below.

Watch the Fox and Friends replay at 9:00am Eastern.

11/11/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Yep, pass the blame on video games....

    Not movies, not music, not books, not illness. No, it's all video games. Boy I tell ya.

  2. I'd like to think games are a reflection on the developers expriences... Right now everyone in the world is expreiencing this and this was what they were told to make the content is the result of that experience.

    You know... it's just sad that they would rather sit and complain about this than actually lobby to fix the source of the problem.

  3. Kind of lose credablity when you post something from Olbermann.

  4. Says who? Olbermann is way better than Fox....

    I agree with this post

  5. Olbermann has no ratings and is way more bias than fox news. There is a reason NBC would not allow him to cover the presidential conventions.

  6. Why can't they just shut up already? I agree with the article, fox news always go overboard.

    Can't they see the game has M FOR MATURE?!! Sigh... This is just sickening....

  7. Olbermann has one of the highest ratings on primetime television, even higher than the primetime stuff on CNN...

    But to the point, Fox news should watch their mouths, the game is clearly rated M for Mature... If a parent can't see that, he/she should give up that child for adoption

  8. OMG!!! LOL you talk about FOX news then you say Keith Olbermann is supposed to be the better option!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING? You lost ALL credibility with everything at that point.

    Keith Olberman is the exact same thing as FOX news, except he is a liberal instead of a pro American conservative panderer like Fox News.

    You're an idiot and part of the problem.


  10. Neither Olbermann nor Fox reports news. They both have their own agenda and spend much of their time insulting people instead of telling real news. However, while Fox insults everyone and everybody, and inspires people to make death threats (George Tiller), Olbermann spends most of his show insulting Fox and Glenn Beck.

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  12. to the sir who wrote this article. i dont not blame you for saying we shouldnt blame video games for the violence kids learn from there parents or people they look up too.....but the terrible game that came out to days ago has acrossed the line. i mean the level that has you walk into a airport and shoot hundreds of innocent people....that sir is uncalled for and should not be...and you are also biast say fixed news instead of fox...tho i do not like the media cause they make little things into huge problems and sensor things and tell people what to think but dont bash them cause there talking about a terrible game and a terrible thing in that game and how parents dont care about what kids play so 8 yr olds get there hands on it esrb and retailers need to make sure kids dont get it and people ust dont buy it cause its bad and it sucks buy a game that dosnt support terrorism or if you dont like that dont buy games at all either way stop bicth and buy good games


  14. To the sir who writes sir in his posts:
    Do you really think that just because a games had terrorism in it, it supports terrorism? Or that by being exposed to terrorism, a child will want to attempt it? Obviously, the game is very violent, and there is terrorism in the game, but this will not cause hundreds of innocent children to become terrorists? I think not. People being exposed to virtual killing will not be more likely to attempt physical killing, in the same way that a person that uses a disinfectant to kill germs will not attempt to kill a person.

  15. What More do kids have to do now adays then play violent games it cost 10+ for a movie 15+ for bowling i could go on and on but point is the whole problem comes down to MONEY who you think is playing these games sure as hell not the rich little kids they are going to upscale parties and visiting other countrys expanding there horizons other kids get a video game that will keep them busy for 6 months so parents can afford to feed them take a look around HOW MUCH MONEY DOES A RICH PERSON NEED! cant even buy a house around where i live for less then 200,000 this is just a pity for our future generation

  16. To say it bluntly, why would less economically fortunate kids be more prone to play violent video games. No reason. Go back to school and quit complaining about how only poor kids would want to kill people.

  17. You attack a opinion segment on one cable news network and then use one from ANOTHER to prove some kind of point??
    Of course Keith Olbermann hates Fox. His ratings tank next to whatever Fox has on in his time slot.
    Whats your excuse????

  18. Fox "News" is a sad video rag. It is a major problem in the US becausew there are millions willing to trust them. Though they cry foul every time someone tries to do a parents job, they completely skip the point of a parent doing their job when it fits their agenda. On top of that there are millions of parents who are kept from doing their jobs by suprressed wages and corporations gone wild. Corporations out of control because of runaway Capitalism and deregulations. Two things Fox supports completely.

  19. Fox is a disgrace to America.

    Mainly reports bias against Democrats

  20. I dont know exactly what fox news said... I hate fox news. BUT... has anyone here actually played call of duty MW2? ... I've always supported that violence in games is fine... especially if it is found in movies... and music... but there is an airport scene in this game that oversteps the lines that movies and music HAS NEVER STEPPED OVER!! AND WHOEVER DISSAGREES IS BLIND!!!

    OMG. honestly.

    you are playing a game... where you are all pumped to get the terrorists! GO AMERICA!!! YES!!! LETS GET THE BAD GUYS!!! ... but in this scene... you have to... i guess... prove your loyalty to this terrorist guy... and ... kill a whole bunch of innocent men and women and children in an airport... MASSACRE THEM!!! ...

    it's different if it's GTA... and the game is "do whatever you want"... but in this story... you actually have to kill all these people... then when the cops come for you... you have to kill them too.

    and again... throughout the game... you're not a gang member... feeling like you're a mob or something... you are feeling like you are a good guy! GO AMERICA!!! YEAH!!!

    on top of that ... there are levels where you are shooting kids with guns...

    that's friggen horrible.

  21. immediately above me:

    No one here agrees with killing innocent people. The game is rated M for Mature, however this news network bypasses all the facts and rant about it turning 8yr olds into terrorists.

    Fox News Network is the worst I've known. I'm sorry, you may not agree with me here but, have anyone seen Hannity & Colmes?

    How can anyone take this network serious is beyond me.

    But, you are entitled to your opinion, and posting the video with Keith Olbermann was not an endorsement of him either; but the man knows how to call out Fox and that's the reason we approved it.

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    Come take a chance at winning a brand new PS3 Slim and Xbox 360.

  22. I hate how the article includes a video of Keith Olbermann, thats guys a bigger dueche than anyone at Fox.

    It has nothing to do with MW2 and the poster is just trying to assert and agenda....ASSHOLE

    Everyone complains how FOX is the voice of republicans..Every big newspaper, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS tend to be the voice of the democrats.

  23. "To say it bluntly, why would less economically fortunate kids be more prone to play violent video games. No reason. Go back to school and quit complaining about how only poor kids would want to kill people."

    You sir are a douche bag he had it absolutly right in his post to say that less fortunate kids are the ones suffering Look at the crime rate from now and 20 years ago now compare it to inflation in the past 20 years.... you sir should go back to preschool and just start all over cause you rank number 1 on my this guy is a Dumb ass Douche bag list.

  24. Olbermann is beat by every fox channel news show, avg viewerhip 1Million, beathing CNN (which is now behind cnn headlines news) doesn't say much. He's a a hack.

  25. To the genious that said Fox news incites violence, show one actual quote that did that? Just one...

    Pew research (independent DC polling) said during the election fox was the only channel that showed both canidates in a positive/negative light equally. Google it.

  26. Didn't MSNBC and CNN go after Fox who went after Van Jones? I guess those networks had no problem letting Van Jones, an individual who believed the US was responsible for 9/11 work in the White House.

  27. All news media is against video games. They don't play them, and they don't understand them.

  28. i love killing innocent ppl in a game. Games/ Any other entertainment is pure ly ENTERTAINMENT! that it, we have to have to have crituqs in our world thats the way it is. who cares if someone even a group of people dont like it. in the end ur opionion is what matters not conservitve FOX or liberal MSNBC . formulate ur own opionons dont base it off of wat sum retard said!

  29. I personally just agree with the fact that basically ALL news networks are constantly calling games out for horrible scenes, saying "This game will ruin a child's mind," even though THERE IS A FREAKING LABEL SAYING THE GAME HAS MATURE CONTENT RIGHT ON THE BOX! If they want to use that kind of logic, let's fight fire with fire. I vote that all gamers start criticizing R-rated movies and adult magazines, saying "these will scar children for life," or "this movie should be banned for what it trains kids to do," THUS IGNORING THE FACT THAT IT WAS MADE FOR OLDER AUDIENCES!

    Also, to further specify why you are killing people in an airport, you are trying to get on the antagonist's good side as an undercover spy, so when he wants to kill all the people in a Russian airport (read the location of the map at the same time the game tells you that the level is called "No Russian"), you go along, not wondering why he would want to kill his own people until the very end when he escapes. Overall, there are two reasons for this level: A, to show you what happened to the guy you play as in the first two missions; and B, to explain why the Russians are attacking you for the rest of the game.

  30. 8 year olds can walk into a game shop and buy a game thats rated MA 15+ can they?
    wow times have changed, when i was under 15 my parents had to buy it and if parents buy this for their kids they should be taken away.
    theres a reason why its 15+ meaning ITS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!
    god i absolutely LOATHE! the media.
    a game does this, oooooooooo noooooooooooo the worlds going to end!
    a movie does this...........

  31. You know what the funny side of this is? In Fox News pathetic attempt to warn parents about how this game is the devil in disguise, they've just given it a tremendous amount of free advertising and hype, every kid in the country who watched that broadcast now is gonna want to play a game that lets them be a terrorist and it's ALL in thanks to Fox News idiotic advertising.

    Thus, the only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that Fox News (Including any moron who agrees with what they said) WANTS kids to become terrorists and anything bad that happens from now on can be blamed directly on them. By advertising the "Cool" (As kids may see it) parts of the game on their own show they've just taken the blame directly off the developers and publishers and they can now be charged with promoting this game, LOL.

    Honestly, there are some people on this planet who are beyond pathetic, if parents were any good theese days they'd make sure that their 8 year olds don't play theese games anyway, so what's the problem with grown ups playing a grown up game?

  32. yup 911 was because of video games too.
    so was the tsunamis.
    so was the balli attacks.
    so was iraq war.
    hell world war 1 and 2 were also caused by video games.
    Lucifer is a direct result of video games.

  33. The whole problem with this is that parents buy games for kids and don't pay attention what the rating is. All they know is that their kids want it and it is an alternative to them being in their hair. You can blame the media, satan, whoever. It all comes down to bad parenting.

    I have a 7 year old boy and he begs everytime he sees the comercial for it and I tell him its not happening. He doesn't watch movies over PG or video games over E.

    I served in the Army for 7 proud years and was in Iraq when the war officially started. I explain to my son that shooting people is not cool and that taking a life lives with you for the rest of yours. Would I do it all over again? Yes. Does it keep me from playing violent video games or watching violent movies? No. In fact, thats what I spent my GI Bill on and went to school to make video games.

    The media, satan, video games, movies, music, whatever you want to say, does not make people do things. The Passion of Christ didn't make everyone religious. Bad parenting makes peole prone to the influences of these things. Just talk to your kids people. Help them see what is right and what is wrong. Stop blaiming everyone and everything else and take responsability.

  34. playing violent video games does not make you a violent person.
    i mean hell i was like 6 when i played doom and wolfenstien 3D.
    i was 10 when i watched my first R rated movie, am i the one running arround shooting up schools?

  35. It is funny that they blame the videogames and NOT the parents for a way a kid turns out... Its bs that society is this way.

  36. Olbermann is a clearly opinion based show and in what he says he does always state that it is his opinoin, by saying 'I think'instead if 'It is' Like the people of fox news.

    I dont mind Bias news, its when people try and tell you that their opinions are the cold hard truth.