Thursday, November 19

MW2 cost $50 million to make, 8 million played online in one week

This is no small fit, Modern Warfare 2 is more than just a game it seems, there's a movement behind this juggernaut title. According to the L.A Times more than 8 million played the game online in it's first week at retail, which means that the game has really outdone all all the estimates set for it.

It cost $40-$50 million to produce MW2, people close to the close to the project reckoned, about as much as a mid-size film.

"My goal was to create a launch that would compare very favorable with the biggest box offices of all time," Activision/Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick said.

"With multiplayer we deliver hundreds of thousands of hours of gameplay for about the same price as taking the family to the movies," he bragged.

And with good reason, the man's bathing in millions of dollars from his stock options, tens of millions actually. Support Kotick some more will ya? Go buy MW2 if you haven't as yet, you're missing out on some serious fun. Wait, that don't sound right.

11/19/09 Ernice Gilbert


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  2. Um, Sahil, I thought this is a modern warfare 2 thread? What are you talking about?