Thursday, November 12

MWII first day sales closer to 4 million says Pachter

Webush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter had a chat with VG247 in which he puts a stamp of reality on the recent first day sales figures that has been making the rounds on the internet. Seven Million copies in one day is the talk, but Patcher begs to differ. In his opinion, those numbers are a bit far fetched.

"7 million therefore is a very reasonable estimate if we accept that the UK estimate is accurate. My guess is it's not. I don't know how anyone could aggregate UK sales that fast. I'd say it's far more likely that the game sold no more than five million on day one (my bias is 4 million), and that it won't hit seven million until the end of the weekend," he told VG247.

"However, you can't argue with "facts" such as Chart Track reports of first day sales. I have a feeling that the figure includes all pre-orders but not necessarily those units actually picked up on day one," Pachter concluded.

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11.11.09 Ernice Gilbert

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