Thursday, November 12

Next-gen Halo in the works?

According to a recent job message put up on Gamasutra, 343 Studios is looking for an experienced Level Designer to help them built levels for their "next big project".

For those of you who don't know what 343 Studios is exactly, it is Microsoft's internal 'Halo' studio, so if they are talking about a new project, you can only bet it will be 'Halo' related.

"343 Industries, Microsoft's internal Halo studio, is looking for an experienced Level Designer who can design and build levels for our next big project. We are looking for an agile and collaborative individual who has a passion for games, Halo, and trying new things. This is your chance to join one of the most talented teams in the industry!"

They also mention that they strive to bring top first-party games to the next generation Xbox platform, so is it possible that this is in fact a next generation Halo?

11/12/09 Colton West

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