Friday, November 13

NPD: U.S. sales down 19% year-on-year

In America, the drought of the videogames industry continues. When compared to 2008, the market is down a substantial 19%.

Total sales fell from $1.32 billion last year, to $1.07 billion this year.

Hardware sales were also down significantly, with that market seeing 23% in declines from $496.96 million in 2008 to $380.74 million in October.

Peripherals managed to stay up despite the cloud of negative results that surrounded, with sales dropping only 2% from $120.95 million last year to $118.88 this year.

Software sales were also down 18% year-on-year from $698.35 million to $572.73 million this year. Weak indeed.

NPD analyst Anita Frazier:

"The video game industry suffered another decline this month as compared to last October. This is the third best October on record, behind October 2007 and 2008," she said.

"Based on typical industry seasonality, the industry is on track to generate full year revenues in the range of $20-$21 billion in the US, which would put it a bit below last year's sales of $21.3 billion.

11/13/09 Ernice Gilbert

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