Friday, November 6

Resonance of Fate has brand new features

Sega has updated their 'Resonance of Fate' blog with some very interesting new features that should more then please any gamer excited about this one.
Resonance of Fate (End of Eternity in Japan) is the upcoming RPG from tri-Ace, the company behind the popular 'Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope' and the not so popular 'Infinite Undiscovery'.
  • SDTV-friendly text - Yes, for those of us who have not yet advanced in the HD world of gaming, Resonance of Fate will feature text that can be read easily on a standard-definition television set which is a life saver. A telescope is required these days to read any sort of text on-screen.
  • High music production - The game’s soundtrack will be recorded with a full orchestra and be delivered in 5.1 surround sound. The music will actually change depending on how you are doing in battle.
  • Fast load times - This has been promised for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The game will also support installations on both systems, but the code has be optimized to load quickly without installs.
  • No disc swaps - One of the biggest issues on Xbox 360 when it comes to multi-disc games like 'Star Ocean 4' and 'Lost Odyssey' is that you had to constantly switch out the discs, but with Resonance of Fate you don't need to. A single DVD disc (Blu-ray for PS3) will hold the game and the designers say they achieved this by making the cut-scenes real time as opposed to pre-rendered.
  • Battle retry option - Ever die in an RPG during a tough boss battle only to restart at your last save point which was at the beginning of the dungeon? Well in this game you will have the option of retrying at the game over screen.
  • Quick save anywhere - Unlike many games today that rely on designated save points, Resonance of Fate will feature a save option at any time, even during battles.
Resonance of Fate will be released in Japan on January 28th, 2010, but the North American and European release dates have not been confirmed as of yet.

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