Monday, November 16

Rockstar on GTA V: We need to think of characters, and then find a city

Rockstar has seen the record set by their mega title GTA IV obliterated by the release of Modern Warfare 2 which sold in one day what GTA IV managed in one week; but according to Dan Houser, co-president of Rockstar, they're more thrilled than ever to delve into development of the next title.'

Speaking of the next title which of course will be GTA V, he revealed in a recent interview what must be accomplished before said title can go into pre-development.

"We'll think of a city first," Houser said, "then the characters."

Houser also spoke about his love for creating games and that the only time he would give it up is if he becomes exhausted.

"Only through exhaustion," he smiles. It changes your appreciation of the world, but only in a positive way. You are suddenly not as important as you thought you were. As a man in particular, you realize how appalling selfish or self-absorbed you are and seeing that change is great," Houser added.

So all the rumors running rampant on the web about GTA V coming out this year or even early next year have been debunked. Rockstar hasn't even settled on a location.

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11/16/09 Ernice Gilbert

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