Friday, November 27

Sony: Wii experiencing significant downturn

Give Sony a break will you? The company's been going through some difficult times for the past few years and now things are really looking up. Give them a chance to knock others around, they've been on the receiving end of the stick for quite sometime.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House has thrown some stones at a certain rival's house, and it's not Microsoft.

"I think at a time when we're seeing one of the major competitors somewhat losing a sense of momentum - at least in many of the markets I've looked at - it's gratifying to see a platform that's always that's always have a very significant share of sales go to third party publishers to capture that momentum again.

"The knock-on effect can only be a positive one if publishers are making up to 75 percent of the sales on a particular platform, as opposed to a much smaller share elsewhere - then that's the platform I think it's in their interest to see succeed - and I thinks that's the dynamic we're seeing return right now," House added.

He was later pressed on exactly which "competitor" he was referring to, Andrew House responded:

"From data that we're starting to see, in some of the publicly released figures, we're seeing a significant year-on-year downturn for the Wii. I think that's just a factor of this holiday season."

Let the man speak; let him have some fun.

11/27/09 Ernice Gilbert

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