Thursday, November 19

Sony says PS3 is upgradeable to 3D, company to be profitable in 2011

The PS3 "only does everything" according to Sony, and today at a presentation to investors the software giant gave even more reasons why. Sony revealed that all PS3 systems are upgradeable to stereoscopic 3D via firmware updates and they plan on integrating 3D through Blu-ray and HDTV also.

According them, the goal is to "lead the 3D market" and offer 3D tools to developers that wish to create games with three dimensional play.

As part of the drive to promote the technology and to lead the way, the company plans to install 3000 3D theater projectors in cinemas at the end of the year which when combined with plans already in place, will help them achieve profitability in 2011, this according to CEO Howard Stringer.

The giant went on to project a loss of $1 billion (95 billion Yen) for its current fiscal year ending March 2010, with Howard pointing out that the cost saving measures they took are already paying off.

"Our work is already bearing fruit," he said but did not neglect to stress on the fact that the company "still hard work to do."

Howard made known they were currently ahead of their restructuring plans of saving $5.6 billion (500 billion Yen) in costs, which is in direct relation to the 12 percent workforce reduction over the last year.

The company announced yesterday that it has seen a 70% percent growth in sales for PS3 when compared to last year (October 2008) making it "the only console" to experience significant growth year-over-year.

It's a good feeling to see a great company that has given us so many fun experiences get things together and become stronger than ever. Good going guys.

11.19.09 Ernice Gilblert

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