Friday, November 13

Square-Enix: FFXIII visuals will get you hooked

Finally North American and European gamers know exactly when Final Fantasy 13 will be in store shelves in their respectful regions and they couldn't be happier. A lot of details were released today, including inside information on the visuals of the game. In fact Square-Enix believes lovers and new comers alike will be so impressed by how realistic the game looks that they'll be hooked by the visuals.

Here's Final Fantasy Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo on the visuals and futuristic feel of the game:

"I wanted anyone who stepped in the world of Final Fantasy to get hooked on the extraordinary visuals," he said. "The blend of futuristic technology with the wild nature and ecosystem is unlike anything anyone has seen before."

"Each location and scene has detailed vision and beauty that brings the images to life," Isamu concluded.

The hype train is in full throttle now, and expect more important details on the 13th of every month leading to the game's release.

Get that credit card and pre-order the gem right now.

11.13.09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. I think I could have been much more realistic if it wasn't for the broke box Xbox 260....

  2. Call me biased but I think the game could've looked even more visually stunning if it wasn't for Square giving in to MS's deep pockets.

    It's a shame what this generation has turned into.

  3. Um, you too PS3 fanboys above need to get over it. This is the best generation in gaming...

    Just look over the horizon and you'll shut your mouths.... Geez

  4. Its you two* not too.

  5. I don't know why everyone's complaining about MS's involvement. Square Enix have repeatedly stated that they are making the PS3 version first THEN porting it over to the 360. So the graphics (or anything else for that matter) are not going to be compromised in either version.

    ...And yet fanboys still bitch and whinge.

  6. That's what they said about Killzone 2. And it still wasn't that great. I don't care. Why even buy the game? The lead's a girl, the level system has been replaced with some more complicated system, and the game WILL BE DOWNGRADED because you cannot fit everything that it WOULD HAVE offered onto one single X360 format disc.

  7. i dunno.. personally when i saw the trailers it looked very FFX in terms of some of the environment so it doesn't seem completely 'new'...

    that, and they way I see it, S-E is probably just using FFXIII for as much revenue as they can (while still helping Sony by having it exclusive as a PS3 title in Japan) and playing around with graphics so that they can develop FFXIII Versus or newer games with more knowledge and financial resources.

    So it being ported to Xbox ain't -so- bad

  8. Lost oddysey was 4 discs and it was amazing as hell. I am sure that everything that needs to fit on however many discs will. Also the PS3 is ok for a console, but the Xbox 360 is the best there is in gaming to date.

  9. Well that'd be nice if it were true but SE has been lying this whole time. FFXIII wasn't "ported" to the 360.

    Both versions have been built along side each other this whole time.

    Remember earlier this year when they were asked how far along the game was? What did they say?

    PS3 90% 360 70%. And I believe those numbers are lies as well. You're 70% done with the 360 version and you said you'd finish the PS3 version first then Port it?

    They lied. they've been building it step by step to make sure there is parity between the two versions.

    And remember it was stated that the Quality that was found in the PS3 demo is no longer the case for the final version. Why would they need to decrease the quality of the game if it's already up and running? Hm? Yeah I know, cause M$ and SE bed buddies.

  10. While i agree that this game doesn't look nearly as nice graphically as Final Fantasy Versus XIII (It's no conincidence that the game with better graphics is a PS3 exclusive). This game still looks really good and will definetly be a day 1 purchase for me. Also, i love what they've done with the level system - taking things back to the good old days of the Sphere Grid from FF X (Which, to whoever said it, is NOT complicated to use in the least).