Thursday, November 5

Top 5 PS3 games that'll convince your dad to play

So you've been trying to convince your dad that gaming is fun with no luck? You've probably been doing all the wrong things, and instead of drawing your father closer to the entertainment medium, your efforts drive him even further away.

We're here to help. See, men like manly things, so what the hec are you doing pitching LittleBigPlanet to a grown stud? Here's a worthwhile list. Now go for the win.

Killzone 2 ~

What better game to get dad's chest thumping with excitement as he tears through Helghan obliterating the Helgast? No better game we reckon. Killzone 2 has all the unique features custom made for someone looking to relieve their stress. The cause is just. You're well armed, and though your supporting cast is foolish, it just adds to your responsibilities which in turn makes you feel all the more important. Any dad would enjoy this fantasy, go buy Killzone now, and get him into the game.

inFamous ~

You know what? Dad is at work all day long being nice and respectful. He labors with honor, and never, never get to show his dark side, you know I mean?

Release him for crying out loud. Let him be himself and do whatever he wants, albeit in a game. inFamous is the perfect fit. It's out now, and it'll surely get him into gaming. Give it a shot.

Metal Gear Solid: Guns of The Patriots ~

Snake, Snake, Snaaaaaaaaaaaake! Do you know why people call on Snake so often? Have you any idea why the man's a Legend and Hero to many the world over? I'll tell you, it's not because of his heroic abilities, not because of the nano machines inside him. It's because of his personality and the fact that he smokes.

Now, please, we do not recommend smoking in no way or form. That thing will kill you in a minute; seriously, you're not Snake. But your dad would love to be. You see, Snake is no sissy; if you're looking for a real man, Snake is your answer. Go purchase the game, it's been out for years. How come you never thought of that?

Gran Turismo 5 ~

Although it won't be out until march of next year, GT5 should be on your must buy list if you truly want to convince your dad to play some games with you. Most fathers don't have the luxury of buying the car of their dreams, they are too careful to do 160mph on the highway. Most of them don't get to be a Nascar professional racer, and though they long to, most will never fulfill that long lost dream of owning a ferrari 599.

Make it happen, buy GT5 and watch daddy cry tears of joy. Lol.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ~

We saved the best for last. Men are into movies, and because of that, they think games are for children. No other game on the market will make your dad think his actually experiencing for the fist time an interactive movie rather than playing a game. Plus it's one packed with action.

If you truly want daddy to fall in love with your favorite pass time, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a must buy.

Your prior efforts fell flat, and you didn't think anything else could really work, here's your remedy. Now, let the bonding begin.

11/05/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Nice list, but my dad will never play with me, that guy's a boring man

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  3. Man, I've tried Killzone 2, but then he realized I was too young to play it so I got banned.

    I ain't ever trying this again. Ever!

  4. Hi Gamesthirst!

    i went to your site and didn't see much for being up for over a year. oh, maybe you meant 2010, EDITOR-in-Chief.

  5. The only one my dad would ever be interested in would be Gran Turismo, which he would absolutely love. Especially on a huge HDTV. The problem is the others require too much precision (Killzone, inFAMOUS, and Uncharted). Aiming is a lot more difficult to newcomers than one may think, especially with the imprecise analog sticks. Metal Gear Solid seems like an extremely unintuitive game for a newcomer(although one of my favorites). You never know though, every dad's different!

  6. Yeah, I meant 2010. Sorry about that, and thanks for showing interest.

  7. Nice list, my father plays only Resistance with me, don't ask me why.

  8. Haha, my dad won't play games with me, but he has beaten Half Life 2 + Episodes 1 and 2. He also plays Counter Strike Source quite a bit.

  9. My dad would play GT5 and MAYBE heavy rain (my mom would lol) but thats it.

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