Friday, December 11

Aliens vs Predator: Hunter Edition Announced

Sega has revealed the pure awesomeness that is to be known as the Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter Edition and I must say, it puts Modern Warfare 2's Prestige Edition to shame in my opinion.

When the game is released on February 19th of next year, players who pre-order this special edition will receive such items as a Wayland-Yutani badge, a replica model of the infamous 'Facehugger', an exclusive map pack, and a lenticular 3D post card type thing. Pricing is still unknown at this time.

Will the game suck? It's a true possibility but even if it does, the Facehugger included in the box is enough for me because there are few things greater then that.

12/11/09 Colton West

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