Monday, December 21

Avartar Goes Big In Theaters And Bust On Consoles

Avatar owned the worldwide box office in its first weekend even as North American sales struggled because of a massive snow storm, the movie's distributor said.

The blockbuster film, one of the most expensive ever made, managed to rake in $232.2 million from 106 foreign markets and North America, this according to News Corp's 20th Century Fox, making it the ninth biggest release of all time. Great news for 20th Century Fox but for Ubisoft, the game's developer and publisher, it's been a rough road.

According to over five reviews we looked up including IGN's, Avatar the game is a passable experience at best. Simple put, the "Videogame adaptation of James Cameron's universe doesn't quite deliver," IGN said. Another website reckoned "The game isn't near anywhere near as good as the movie."

So what's the problem? This same situation has been occurring over and over for many years, where you have a great movie which does well and the game adaption turns out to be not so stellar. When NPD release their software sales numbers for the month of December 2009 in January 2010, the results will be predictable: Avatar The Game will not be among the top sellers.

Maybe, just maybe next time they'll get it right; but I highly doubt it.

12/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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