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Endurance: Halo: Reach Proves Xbox 360 has it

Notice the image above? It's meant to display the lasting pull of the Xbox 360. Ever since the new Halo: Reach trailer was unveiled, the internet has been in an uproar. Some questioned the validity of the showing while believers were awestruck, and now the speculations run endless. But there's one thing that Bungie's biggest effort yet demonstrates: Xbox 360 has staying power and will stand next to PS3 for years to come; this must be reassuring to Microsoft.

Year after year, PS3 owners have been making the argument that eventually PS3 games will outperform that of it's nemesis the Xbox 360 by miles. And while by "miles" might be a stretch, PS3 exclusive games are definitely starting to look better than those of the 360. Or so we thought?

You see, Microsoft it seems knows how to counter whatever the competition sends their way and I applaud them for it. Many thought the Xbox 360 would go the way of the dinosaurs when the redesigned PS3 Slim was launched, but this past November the software giant proved that they still have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and the 360 managed to outsell the PS3 by over 100,000 units in the that month, throwing even some of the most seasoned analysts off their game.

Skeptics predicted that the Xbox 360 would follow in the footsteps of its predecessor the original Xbox, but clearly we see how wrong those skeptics were. Next winter, Microsoft will be releasing what they think will help strengthen the Xbox brand and give longevity to their current system, the Xbox 360 and it will. We won't know for sure how successful Project Natal will be, however we know there will be some kind of impact, one that will ultimately lend more time to the Redmond company aiding them to make a decent profit or at least cut even before they venture into the next effort.... another Xbox.

There are many more reasons why Xbox 360 will be around for quite some time, but now we want to look at what matters the most, which are the games and this one exclusive in particular has just added more life into Microsoft's box.

Halo: Reach - The trailer was revealed last Saturday at the 2009 VGAs and as already stated, the internet went bonkers. Some people were disappointed but most were elated and since then, the hype train left the station, and will come to peak when the title is launched late next year.

The graphics look amazing. Nothing like we've seen on the Xbox 360, which was accomplished on an in-game engine, no CG. Just when the gaming world thought that the Xbox 360 was losing steam in comparison to the PS3, Microsoft strikes again with their ace-in-the-whole - Halo: Reach.

The conclusion: PS3 and Xbox 360 will live in discomfort side-by-side until the seventh generation is out, and the eighth rolls in.

12/15/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. I don't think that"engine" was realtime....

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  3. It was real time: http://www.eurogamer.pt/articles/halo-reach-analise-ao-trailer.

    Stop being PS3 fanboy assholes.

  4. What the hell was the point of this article. I DO believe it is ingame. Thats just the problem. I thought they made a mistake and showed Halo ODST footage until I could confirm that it was in fact Reach. So what you are saying is that these graphics are on par or better then Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 and The Last Guardian??? Get real you freak.

  5. You're a moron. This is just a trailer. Let's see some gameplay first before you Halo fanboys cum all over yourselves.

  6. Yeah, a trailer does not determine the graphics , real time or not. Show us some gameplay.

  7. It might be 'in-engine' but they usually do some post processing to get rid of all the jaggies.

    You don't get the smoothing effect when playing the game. Remember that Halo only runs at roughly 600p and is upscaled by the 360 to your screen resolution.

    It was the same with the Gears of War trailers.

    I'm always under whelmed with games graphics after watching these highly polished trailers.

  8. still not killzone 2 graf.. nor on pair with anything the ps3 has to ofer :)

  9. LDz

    We have these graphics already on the PS3.
    All PS3 owners don't have to wait to play a game using real time. We can just pick up the controller and play the best graphicial games made to date.

    We also have better graphics coming for the PS3 in games like Killzone 3,or God of War 3,or Resistance 3, Plus many many more. ( Yet the 360 is still trying to match Killzone 2's graphics LMAO!! )

    It has taken 5 years for the 360 to release a game like Killzone 2, and if anyone says it's not like killzone 2 they would be wrong as Halo Reach took tech from that game to make it.( But the 360 has more limitations than that of the PS3, so Halo Reach will not look as good as Killzone 2). And thats a fact.

    This is my opinion but unlike Killzone 2 which is a adults game,thats awesome to play watching real time physics working in the game, the Halo series including Reach is like Power-Rangers but with better toys to shoot from. No physics to see at all in any Halo game released unlike KillZone 2.

    Now for the Trailers you have just seen. Reach is running in real time AFTER 0.34 Seconds. Those parts, featuring a Warthog drive through a morose atmosphere with Pelicans overhead, are decidedly not real time.

    The PS3 and Xbox 360 both have a common limiting factor in their texture quality, but being less powerful, it’s more noticeable on the 360 in one particular area: Environment, particularly ground, textures. The ground textures have a slightly blurred characteristic to them, not looking totally sharp, but still of acceptable quality.

    So as you can all read from thee above, the 360 is NOT as powerful as the PS3 due to limited texture quality and unlike killzone 2 the Halo Reach has used less texture quality than the PS3's / Killzone 2 game.


    So the PS3 is STILL holding the best looking games on the market to date. And due to the 360's limitations, the PS3 will still hold better looking games in the furture.

    List of exclusive games for PS3 coming...

    Free Realms
    DC Universe Online
    The Agency
    Final Fantasy XIV
    ModNation racers
    Gran Turismo 5
    God of War 3
    Resistance 3 (just as much confirmed as Fable III, but I'm not counting Killzone 3)
    Heavy Rain
    The Last Guardian
    White Knight Chronicles
    Yakuza 3
    L.A. Noire
    3D Dot Heroes
    Ape Escape
    Dead Nation
    Dynasty Warriors Online
    Steambot Chronicles 2
    Team Ico Collection
    The Last Rebellion
    Trinity Universe
    Trinity: Zill O'll Zero
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    Infamous 2 ( could be 2010 )
    Syphon Filter 5
    Twisted Metal

    List of 360 exclusive games coming....

    Alan Wake
    Halo Reach
    Mass Effect 2
    Fable III
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Max Payne 3
    Ninety-Nine Nights II

    The game speak for themselves, the PS3 has got more games coming out for it's console, also holds best Metacritics platform of the year, and holds ( yet again ) Game Of The Year ( GOTY ) and Best Graphics awards, and Most Anticipated Title coming 2010.

    When will a game really come out on the 360 that can shine some hope in taking them awards away. Don not hold your breath, thats all i can say.

  10. Well, since the same fanboys that are saying that THIS is proof taht X360 can compete with PS3 graphs are the same the said KZ2 was Bullshit, why should I believe in them???? Wait and see is my aproach to such things and will stay that way, and so, untill this game is out, and it prooves to be worth something, it is just another Halo with a lot of MS money on it.

    PS- as some pros and fanboys are already saying around the same internet that is so aflamed because of said trailer, its still not par with KZ2, just my OP, because I actually played KZ2 and its just not there yet.

  11. Wow, Xbox propoganda. And keep dreaming Halo fangirls, the fact that you are allso quick to compare the graphics to a PS3 exclusive shows your envy of what the PS3 is offering since Resistance 1, heck even Ridge Racer 7 three and a half years ago. Bow to greatness.

  12. I had to make this point in another forum

    I have no doubt it's real time.

    But you can't judge gameplay graphics from this.The video is cleverly edited,and hides how little is going in this scene.

    It's built up from 2 separate areas,the road,and the camp.

    The road is cut off from the point of the crest,after that there is nothing,it just stops.
    So it wouldn't work in a gameplay scenario,unless the use the crest as a stream point.
    The camp is the most impressive,but it's great camera work above anything,there are 2 heliplane's about 8 characters and a few interiors.
    The main reason it looks so good is the fact the objects close to the screen hade any detail that the surrounding environment would need to show in a gameplay situation,you could run for about 10 seconds in any direction before iyou'd run out of a playing space.
    So everything they have is into these small cut's of detail.

    I don't like Halo from a gameplay perspective,I was a PC FPS gamer when it launched,but I appreciate the impact it has had,and expect it continue,it will look better than H3,

    I'll reserve absolute judgement until real gameplay is shown,were people can analyse how it looks vs the amount of stuff going on.

  13. Although the graphics are AWSOME I mean AWSOME. They are not better then MSG4.

  14. Great article and I love how the Halo Haters and PSDrones say how it is not realtime. If they would look at CG such as what is in in Halo Wars then you can tell what CG looks like.

    This game will be yet another in a long long line of games that look better and play better on the Xbox 360.

  15. look at all the graphic whores here. Maybe the ps3 fanboys have forgotten that it's about how fun a game is, not how technically pretty it is. Halo will always have good graphics due to its artistic design.

    Oh and will it be fun? Oh yes... Halo is always fun. Something ps3 fanboys seem to forget.

  16. Next time you use sales numbers please print the fact that you are only talking about one region. If you look at the entire world wide console sales picture the two consoles are running neck & neck with each other. If you go by the combined sales of rhe US & Japan alone(I couldn't find the UK numbers if you know them please feel free to post them) the PS3 actually out sold the 360 by roughly a 100,00 units in the last 5 weeks.

    I have never been a Halo fan but this new one does look a lot better visually then any of the previous games.

  17. SDF
    A lot of butthurt sony fanboys here.
    Clearly the list guy knows nothing about the 360. The 360 handles textures better than the PS3 due to having a specifically built for the 360 more powerful GPU and not a previous gen (when the PS3 and 360 was released!?!) of the shelf tacked in at the last minute GPU.
    The 360 processor was also specificulty designed to work with the GPU and for gaming and was partly funded by Sony as it uses Cell tech in there (Look it up) and isn't an off the shelf multimedia processor.

    If any console is limited by textures it's the PS3 because of the way the cell needs to compensate for the weak GPU. It does have larger storage going for it but that means it can hold more textures not higher qwuality and that is restricted by the slow read speed of the blu ray drive.

    As for his list of exclusives. Well this proves he knows nothing about the 360 or gaming
    Crackdown 2
    Mechwarrior reboot
    Kingdom under fire 2
    Metro 2033
    Natal and it's games confirmed to be 14
    Davinity 2 ego draconis
    And that was a quick look
    FF 14 has not been ruled out for the 360 and negotiations are taking place for this to happen. The only reason it won't be released at launch is because of xbl policies. That's more of a confirmation than Twisted metal which you listed
    At a shareholders meating it was implied that LA Noire is being made for the 360.

    Anyway you PS3 lot keep going on about garphics. We'll care about gameplay. We''ll be playing games instead of caring only about graphics and trolling any 360 articles out of insecurity. We'll be playing any game that's good instead of only exclusives and if the graphics are good enough. Ganers my arse.
    I would never dismiss a multiplat just because it comes out on the PS3. I play games.
    I would say the same about you guys but looking at the sales of PS3 exclusives even you guys aren't playing them.
    Must explain why you spend all you time in 360 articles spreading fud
    I would say that you

  18. dio mio i fanboy sonari sono in damge controll...godo come un porco ha fatto molto male questo trailer:asd:

    ciao ciao sonari il 30% in più è na bufala confermata e comunque gurdate se capiste qualcosina di grafica non direste certe bestemmie...anzi se non foste così fanboy:asd:

  19. It seems that the best PS3 game available is Forum Trolling, Extended Moron Edition.

  20. God those graphics suck. Hannah Montanna is a more top - quality game than Galo. Do some reserach you butthurt 360 fanboys, 360 games don't exist. 360 has no exclusives and the best game available is "Pretend Like A Game Has Good Graphics When You Know Fine well It Doesn't, Extended Retard edition, Your Mum".

    360 is garbage with last - gen graphics

  21. Wow........Microsoft exagerration force - ACTIVATE! Those graphics don't even look half as good as Killzone 2, 360 fanboys must need glasses or have learning difficulties.

    Here's the thing, Halo: Reacharound will be desperately trying to compete with a game from Febraury 2009 in the graphics department. By that time PS3 exclusives will alredy be further ahead with Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5 and The Last Guardian.

    Halo: Reacharound is proof that the 360 does not have endurance, only desperation. It will struggle to match last year's PS3 graphics let alone the games of 2010.

    Anyone who thinks those graphics are good must get paid by Microsoft to do some rather shameful and depressing things on a Saturday night.......

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  23. Poor Playstation fanboys, just when they think they won somthing MS takes it away from them. Everyone knows this is the game engine, Bungie and MS arn't Sony they don't release a CGI movie and claim it's gameplay then get busted for the whole world to see. (hello Killzone 2)

    The claim by Sony and its butthurt fanboys that Killzone 2 graphics couldn't be done on a 360 just got shot all to shit. The entire Sony community just got pwned.

    The other day I walked into a forum and Sony fanboys were bent over a table, pants down, and bruses all over their face... Why? because MS and Bungie just raped the hell out of them and curb stomped them as a reminder to why they are last.

    Now the Sony boys have the big book of excuses out and their on the last page. They will attack the internet over the next year like retarded butthurt child monkeys. Im sure they have a petition all typed up and poor attempt whine blogs in the ready.

    It's funny how Sony went from king to king nothing in just one gen. LOL and if your butthurt asses arn't sore enough, Halo Reach still has a year left in development for spit shine and polish. By the time Reach comes out there will be no game on the PS3 that matches it, not even UC2 (Ohhh snap hurt feeling there)

    So PS3 boys whining about if this is in game or not. Wipe those tears, and take your righfull place at the kiddy table. Put some ointment on those sore asses, they should heal after Halo Reach is released.

  24. It wasn't real time.. Obvious CGI.

  25. Did some dumbass really say Reach looks like ODST ..

    Seriously have you seen ODST .. it doesn't even come close to this.

  26. I feel sorry for the PS3 fanboys, trying to kid themselves this was VG and it looks bad ...

    Ha you just know they're worried :-D

  27. shut up Xbot. Halo Reach doesnt prove anything about the Xbox 360. The graphics wasn't that and thus wasn't even in Real Time! Splinter cell conviction still looks better.

  28. Poor Microsoft fanboys are only just starting to realise why PS3 sold more in Japan in one month than 360 did in one year. Just when Microsoft excuse monkey fanboys and their mums think they had done something right in their pathetic little lives Sony snaps them back to reality by accomplishing more than the 360 in one twelfth of the time, did somebody say "Owned"???

    Halo: Reacharound is a game that would only appeal to Xbox excuse retards on their last page of "The Book Of Artificial Intelligence" because it involves giving a reacharound to a Spider Monkey while citing the Microsoft Pledge Of Alleigance, something that would appeal to non - gamers and gays.

    Halo: Reacharound, here to satisfy all the sexual frustrations of 360 owners but with last - gen graphics, maybe next time fanboys!

  29. December 15, 2009 8:03 AM
    Anonymous said...

    you must be completely out of your mind ALL PS3 games have inferior textures to 360 textures...it's commonly known that the GPU (RSX) of the PS3 has bad shaders and the GPU of the 360 has unified shaders vastly superior to the outdated RSX...just take a good look at Gears of War almost all textures are high res and bump mapped..
    Killzone2 has many flat low res textures a common look on all PS3 games. and yes the Halo:Reach footage has been made with the Engine running in Real-Time. These graphics are representative of the final in-game graphics.

  30. I can understand Xbox owners are hyped for this because of the graphics. It's certainly the best yet seen on the Xbox (I now it isn't gameplay, but it sure is the in-game engine running). But compared to PS3 exclusives like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, even A Crack in Time these graphics fall short.

  31. All i kno is niggas kz2 may be a good game, but get real it is no halo. I highly doubt a killzone expansion can sell nearly as much as ODST did for halo. Graphics are not halo will always sell, cant say the same about killzone i mean look at its price already, already tanked down to about 30 bucks. Halo is this generations bread and butter all other first person that are so called "good" got it from halo. So all you haters can suck halos D! for all it cares it will still be makin more money then you will ever see in your dreams

  32. Ah David McPhail the biggest SDF member is back posting his nonsense and not on his PS3 playing the exclusives.
    Well he'd have to buy them first and we all know PS3 owners don't do that.
    He always makes me chuckle.

    Keep going on about graphics in games SDF and us 360 owners will actually play the games.

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  34. You fanboys are ridiculous, You guys keep touting Killzone 2 (it has no co-op with basic stages 1 mech & 1 vehicle you can drive K2 does nothing extra) because it has NO CO-OP that would strip a significant portion of memory, in turn, devaluing the graphical fidelity of K2: & Halo games do everything!

    Uncharted 2 is the most scripted **** in the world, with a scripted game it can look as good as a dev wants it to look because they restrict the user.

    When SONY produces a co-op campaign game, come tell me how good that **** looks! Right now SONY is hiding behind these facts.

    Halo:Reach 5million sold month 1!

  35. Let's keep the discussion clean guys. All posts with vile language will be deleted.


  36. Wow people.You PS fanboys are really butthurt.I see now why destructoid said you guys were the worst fanboys.Just look at what your saying.

    The graphics in the trailer are gonna be the same as in-game.Bungie are using a new engine now!Lets repeat that.BUNGIE ARE USING A NEW ENGINE NOW.

    Bungie hasnt made a bad Halo Game yet.All of there games have benn AAA(except for odst,but odst was pretty darn close to AAA).You guys cant except Halo kicks ass.

    Saying "Halo is a kiddy game but Killzone 2 is a mans game"is the most STUPID and IGNORANT thing i ever heard of.

    Halo Reach is going to be Bungie's last Halo game.Do you really think there not going to make there last Halo game fricken awesome?of course they are you idiots.Even microsoft will be putting lots of effort into Halo Reach.Halo is there bread-n-butter fanchise.

    These graphics on the trailer are fricken sweet.Did you see the moutains and the sky?

    Why are you guys here bashing this game instead of playing your "manly" game called killzone 2 or uncharted 2?You guys are here because your trolls and are jealous of this game.You cant help but come here and bash it.That is normal for PS fanboys.

    I have lost all faith in PS fanboys.You guys are just plain sad,

  37. ahahahha mamma mia i sonari in damage control ahahahahah continuo a godere ahahahah tutti in panico continuate così ahahahah...manco sanno di che parlano sulla grafica mi facciio tante risate leggendo certe cazzate....sonari allo sbando

  38. Can I ask everyone here a serious question? Why do you care so much? Does Halo pose that much of a threat to ps3 that you get angry about how good graphics are. The Halo series has doen more than just good without nextgen graphics and now a halo with good graphics makes every PS3 fan up in arms. If your so happy with your ps3 play it and dont even look at articles like this why it bothers you so much is beyond me.

  39. To the moron replying to me talking about sales figures - how many games has Halo sold compared to Gran Turismo??? Exactly - less than half, you 360 retards don't buy games you just talk about how great the graphics are without even believing it yourself.

    This is why 360 owners are the stupidest hypocrites on the face of the earth, they say Playstation owners don't buy games when NO 360 franchise has been able to match GT in terms of sales. Halo, being last - gen rubbish, hasn't even come close.

    All PS3 games are far superior in graphics and sound quality and by the looks of Halo: Reacharound, they always will be. Those graphics may be impressive for the 360 but let's face it, Spongebob Squarepants has impressive graphics by 360 standards, doesn't mean it looks good compared to quality PS3 titles.

  40. ^^^ When was the last GT game to ousell a Halo game? Oh thats right with the PS2 and the 140 million PS2 install base. Guess what the PS3 don't have a 140 million, and never will. Your top PS3 games cant even get past 4.5 million. Halo ODST beat that in a month, and Halo 3 is close to 11 mllion. Get a q-tip and clean the denial out of your ears. You PS fanboys are the most butthurt gamers on the planet, must be the fact you went from first to dead last.

  41. didnt the 360 version of MW2 nearly outsell PS3 version 3:1... who gives a shit about exclusives, as long as the game is fun then you should play it. Looks like PSDrones dont necessarily understand that and only want exclusives. How sad.

  42. I guess the 360 butthurt owners here are just desperate for Galo: Reacharound even if it does have last - gen graphics. Didn't Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 obliterate the 360 version in sales? Who gives a shit if a game is good you should play it but Microdrones only want exclusives with bad graphics. How sad.

    When was the last full GT Game to outsell the last full Halo game? Uhh.....the last one that launched, retard!

    Also, no, Halo 3: ODST did not sell 4.5 million in one month. Do you have a link to back that up with facts or are you just anohter depressed 360 owner who doesn't follow the games industry at all but instead likes to cry and talk a load of garbage on random message boards?

    Prove that ODST sold 4.5 million in it's first month or admit that you have learning difficluties, your choice.

    Also, 11 million is pathetic, GT 3 sold 15 million.

  43. It's not in real-time, Bungie chose their words very carefully with the trailer...

    All they said was in-engine.
    Not in-game or real time.

    It looks cool but it's not real time.

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  45. Wow. today I'm ashamed to be a PS3 owner.

  46. David Macphail I suggest you copy and paste your comments, go over em, open them in notepad or somthing and study where you went wrong. GT3 was on the PS2, there has been no GT game on the PS3 other than a demo.

    Halo 3 passes 10 million, on its way to 11 http://www.mygaming.co.za/news/XBox/4277-Halo-passes-million-mark.html

    Halo ODST at 3.8 million inching close to 4 I stand corrected.

    PS3 top selling game is MGS4 at 4.3 http://vgchartz.com/worldtotals.php?console=PS3

    GTP has 3 million downloads

    The PS3's top selling game period is GTA IV at 6 million and the 360's version outsold it and GTA was a Playstaton game (how sad)

    The last GT game to sell over 10 million was when the PS2 had over 120 million consoles. Sad when you think the 360 has about 35 million and Halo 3 is close to 11.

    Stupid... I wonder what you will say now?

  47. funny how some ps3 gamers always mention graphical superiority in the flame war.. the difference in graphics is not all that great between top shelf games on both consoles.. i own both consoles and enjoy both..to me online functionality and smooth framerate are much more important than how a game looks.. graphics are not the be all and end all in this generation of consoles.. as they weren't in the last generation.. gameplay is what counts.. stop the nonsense.. most of you ranting and raving about graphics probably don't even have a flat panel hd.. i will say my most anticipated game this year is mass effect 2, followed by god of war III, and then halo reach.. and what determines that is I ENJOY PLAYING THOSE GAMES..

  48. ahahah halo reachs graphics are almost the same as halo3 its sad this is the so called new engine. that trailer doesnt come close to kz2 graphics 360 is maxed out.

  49. I had to post..

    Iv had 360 since launch, ps3 since september last year.

    I'm no halo fan boy only halo game i liked was halo wars.

    But killzone 2 was wank, nice graphics yeah but everything else was shite, uncharted 2 wank.

    My opinion may not count as i'm a big online player not that fussed about sp. ps3 sucks for that and so does it online games.

  50. Stupid, stupid 360 fanboys.

  51. LDz

    This is so funny watching how 360 Fanboi's really need this game to make a statement in trying to show that their console can play last years graphics once Halo Reach gets released in 2010. (LAST YEARS GRAPHICS)Boy's and thats a FACT. Why can't people just see this.

    You really need a game that Looks Like KillZone 2 on your console even though God Of War 3 has better graphics than that game now.? Which can now show us that the PS3 is ahead in the graphics department yet again. lmao !!.

    It is like all other Halo games. All BS and over hyped promises that get broke and heres why i state that.

    Look at how they hyped up Halo wars, PMSL !!! well that was crap wasn't it lets be honest,and it didn't life up to it's hype did it now. Be honest it just didn't.

    Then the same thing happened with Halo ODST, and all the hyped talks about how great it will look compared to Halo 3 even though it's an expansion pack for the Halo 3 game, that is looks better than Killzone 2 and it's a killzone 2 game killer. That was just so not true was it. Lets be honest now.

    Halo ODST was made with OLD devs tools. In fact the same tools used in Halo 3 years ago. PMSL !!.

    The scores for that game was a joke also, and a complete flop of a game, to the point that you don't even see people playing anymore. ( Took 5hrs 42 mins to complete on hardest settings ) Complete crap game to be honest.

    So all the talks above about Halo shows one thing. with Halo games it gets all hyped up, everyone wants it, only to see a crap looking finished game compared to what the hype promised us. And if people are honest with themselves, you'll know thats right.

    So just like the hype that Halo Reach is getting now means nothing at all to the finished game.

    ((( @ SDF
    ACTIVATE!!!! ))

    Like you Many people are wrong saying that "since 360 has 48 pipelines and the ps3 has 24, the graphics will be better on the 360.

    The RSX (PS3) actually has higher theoretical pixel shader output, and heres why.

    Unified shaders (On 360) are not nearly as powerful as a full-on G71 style pixel shader when it comes to pixel shading.

    This is because a dedicated pixel shader (PS3) unit has twice as many ALUs (the components that actually process the pixel) in each unit.

    360 = Xenos: 48 ALUs/clock (1 in each of the 48 unified shaders)

    PS3 = RSX: 56 ALUs/clock (1 in each vertex shader, 2 in each pixel shader)

    Unified shader "pipelines" are about half as fast at pixel shading than a dedicated pixel shader "pipeline."

    Unified shaders are doubly hamstrung by the fact that they have to not only do pixel shading but vertex shading as well. Unlike the PS3 that can control both separately.

    Also the PS3's GPU clock speed is 550Mhz vs the Xbox 360's 500Mhz. Also the Cell processor provides nine independent threads of execution, where the 360 only provides 6 Independent threads.

    The PS3 has got better pipelines and has better shading, than the 360. A Simple FACT.

    The RSX is designed to work closely with the PS3 in a closed-system environment. The Cell processor has multiple processors that can execute different threads and produce geometry, texture, and shader information
    for the RSX to consume.

    Since the RSX is so powerful, in some cases it will take almost the full performance of the Cell just to keep the RSX busy.

    The Cell processor has enormous floating-point processing and throughput capabilities and is an excellent engine for physics, gameplay, and other nongraphical tasks. The RSX is designed to be a powerful, efficient companion processor to the Cell.

  52. HALO Reach is so SMART!
    It totally brainwashes all those DUMB 360 Halo fanboys into buying something utterly ridiculous and worthless!
    They really have their balls lined up for a beaten theyve been waiting for from M$

    Honestly HALO is just another damn game similar to HALO3. Which I might add is SUPER OVERARTED!

    ALL the 360 FANBOYS I know(btw theres lots out there) ARE IDIOTS! Dumb Halo suck-ups who think they are smart but harsh just dumb geeks =S They cannot be compared to a true PS3 fanboy as myself

  53. You guys really suck I'm talking to all the fanboys PS3 and 360 alike. Buy both systems and stop crying like b*tches.

  54. LDz

    I have all systems to date, but facts are facts. The 360 cannot give better shaders/textures than the what the PS3 can give out, meaning that Halo Reach cannot have textures like the PS3's Killzones 2 game due to the 360's limiting factor in their texture quality.

  55. the failbox will never beat ps3 in graphics or quality exclusives. The FBI, Air Force, Pentagon, and scientists have all bought the PS3 now why is that? WHY DIDNT THEY GET A 360 OR WII?
    Enjoy RROD, E74,and disc scratching with millions of 12 yrd olds on XBL
    Keep dreaming xbots, just pretend u have the best games/graphics

  56. Holy shit at all the butthurt PS3 fanboys.

  57. Playstation fanboys are a sad bunch of fanboys. They are by far the biggest crybabies and whiners of all fanboys. You guys jumped on the "KIllzone 2 can't be done on 360" bandwagon and it has. Now you have to choke down every word. My advice, be carefull next time because you all look like fools now. Xbox fanboys don't do what they did, could come back at ya.

  58. so funny watchin u guys go back and forth lol xD.

    i think reach will be a solid game. at least better than halo 3 and odst :).

  59. God there's so many depressed butthurt 360 gayboys on here today, they should be ashamed to call themselves "Gamers".

    Also, to the idiot who replied to me, i never once said GT3 was a PS3 games, you must have reading difficulties, go look over what you said and figure out where you went wrong.

    Also, i see the spasticated 360 fanboy who tried to tell us that Halo 3: ODST sold 4.5 million in 1 month couldn't come up with any facts to back up his pathetic fanboy crying. This just goes to show how low the intelligence is of the average 360 owner, i'll bet more than half of theese crying 360 fanboys aren't over the age of 11.

    you guys are pathetic, Halo: Reacharound can't even match a game that came out 18 months before it in terms of graphics. Also, it seems you idiots can't tell the difference between gameplay and a cut - scene.

  60. Above ^^^^ give up dude you lost. How many more people need to own you before you get it?

  61. Hehehe... LMAO..

    PS3 fanboys are the dumbest kids on earth.

    Stop whining about graphics. Both consoles this gen are completely outdated already, and no game on any console looks anything near what a good Gaming PC can output. So if you are so concerned with graphics, then you morons are using the wrong platform! But this is to logical for you irrational fanatical prepubescent imbeciles.

    I use PC for most games. I had a 360 to play all the split screen Coop games FOR FUN (since there is no split screen on PC). I then sold it and bought a PS3 to do the same with all the games on that system and play Blue-Rays on my 50" 1080p screen.

    I have no loyalty to these companies, why the hell would anyone be so defensive over a corporation. You people are pathetic! They don't care about you, so stop fighting for them! Just purchase whatever games you enjoy playing and shut your damn mouths! There is no point in provoking and harassing other console owners. I believe PS3 fanboys are the most childish, blinded by stupidity, and ignorant bunch of all. And learn how to speak and write the language you bunch of illiterate clowns. Peace.

  62. a game that isnt out yet, that has only shown a trailer...has proven its worth.
    you got your page hit, stop posting grabage now. do some real journalism...

  63. WOW, I have actually never seen so many trolling PS3 fans. You never see people on Xbox 360 rushing PS3 games saying SUX, Sux, SSSUUUXXX

    In fact, even when you see previews and articles for games like PS3, all you see is PS3 owners talking about how much xbox 360 sucks. Your all just trying to justify your fucking purchase. Just stfu, we don't care. We actually enjoy our console and dont need to put yours down to do so.

    And when the fuck did graphics start mattering to Sony fans. I remember 6-7 years back, every sony fan saying, " Ps2 is the best, it's not the graphics that matter, its the gameplay and games."

    Well Xbox 360 multi-platforms always look and sell better on the Xbox then the PS3, The first party's are damn close, no matter what you fanboys say. The difference between ps2 and xbox was soooo much larger then the xbox360 vs ps3. And the multiplatforms look better on our console anyways, so please just stfu

  64. I'm a big Halo fan, but I did not see anything from the Reach trailer that impressed me. Will I be impressed eventually? Yeah, probably. But it is way too early to tell.

    And this fanboy shit has got to stop guys. How are some of you in here not embarrassed by your own words? This PS3 and 360 bickering pathetic. Own both systems and you get the best of both worlds. Exclusives or not, just be a gamer. Quit the N4G garbage talk. Good lord people, get a grip. They're video games!

  65. ^^^ I totally agree. Im a PC gamer, own both consoles. But Im actually embarrased for the PS3 owners.. Is this actually what you do with your time, do you have such a pathetic life you go from xbox 360 game, to every forum trash talking the Xbox. Fucking get a life. PS3 fanboys are ridiculous.

    Your not even gamers.

  66. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  67. All fanboi's are ridiclous, but facts are facts. There are no games on the 360 that match the graphics of the PS3 games to date.

    When Halo Reach comes out next year the 360 still cannot match Killzone 2 with Halo Reach due to the consoles limitations. And by the time the game gets released, the PS3 will have even better looking graphics to talk about while 360 owners play Halo. lol.. sorry but it's the truth.

    ((( The PS3 and Xbox 360 both have a common limiting factor in their texture quality, but being less powerful, it’s more noticeable on the 360 in one particular area: Environment, particularly ground, textures. The ground textures have a slightly blurred characteristic to them, not looking totally sharp, but still of acceptable quality.)))

    Read the link below, it is about Halo Reach which also agrees with what i have said on here.


  68. these graphics look pretty good for an mmo

  69. LDZ said: "Resistance 3 (just as much confirmed as Fable III, but I'm not counting Killzone 3)"

    oh so resistance 3 had an entire press conference at GDC devoted to its official announcement did it? cause Fable 3 actually did lol.

    the 360 has a better GPU than the PS3 so of course the 360 can match the PS3s graphics. Killzone 2s lighting was the only thing that made it look good - the texture work was ridiculously bad, and the character models were very low in polygon count.

    oh and Halo 3 had a physics engine you idiot. you just proved that youve never actually played the game. throw a grenade into a bunch of stuff - even players - and everything reacted realistically.

  70. Responding to fanboys makes you seem like a fanboy. Just a little FYI.

    As for the Halo: Reach trailer, Gears still looks better than this and it stands up to the best games (graphically) of this generation. Graphics are overrated and that isn't MS's biggest problem right now. I believe the major issue with MS and the 360 is a serious lack of first-party development. Instead of putting money into development they buy exclusive DLC for multiplatform games and purchase smaller studios. On the other hand both Nintendo and Sony have great first-party development, Nintendo especially.

    When I look down the line I am more excited about Sony's lineup of exclusive games and unfortunately for me, the 360's biggest exclusive of next year (Reach) doesn't appeal to me. I do look forward to playing Mass Effect 2 and Conviction in 2010.

  71. Proves that xbox 360 has...

    - 9gb less hard drive space because of a second instal disc
    - another Halo game for fanboys to praise.
    - finally reached its max graphical potential
    - finally started using PS2 technology ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYHr0I-iFHE )
    - a lot less then the PS3

  72. I can't even believe I read through this whole thread! Arguing over crap that doesn't matter in the least! Question 1: Are you having fun?
    Question 2: What's the point in arguing over shite that really doesn't matter much when you're actually playing a game?
    Question 3: Wouldn't it be better to put in a disc and play rather than play a childish flame war game in forums?
    Question 4: Who thought they could actually spell?

  73. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  74. From what I saw in the trailer, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 are still miles ahead of Halo: Reach.

  75. If all you PS3 gay guys care about is graphics, why not use a high end PC. The 360 is where it is because it is a much more well-rounded system. You have:
    - top notch graphics
    - superior online gaming
    - superior fun factor

    To prove my point :
    - Sure PS3 has some games with great graphics, but you can't say that the 360 graphics suck
    - the 360 has the online gaming scene beat, period, point blank. For example, twice as many people play Call of Duty MW2 online on the 360 than on PS3. Numbers don't lie...
    - Fun factor: Halo, is fun, look at what its accomplished, and look at its staying power. If you've never played, it then you don't know. There were 6,569 Halo 2 matches logged in the last 24 hours and the game was released over 5 years ago. That's saying something. That's staying power. Replay ability is gold to a true gamer because it adds value. The Halo Reach trailer has got all you guys buzzing about it right now instead of playing your shiny PS3... not to mention that Gears of War 1 and 2 are fun as shit..

    Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah the PS3's got some good games, but none in this genre have done what the Halo or Gears franchises have.

    And as the author points out, Project Natal will change yet again the 360's staying power. You can argue all you want, "seen that done that," but you're lying to yourself and you know it. Project Natal will do everything the Wii can do and everything it wish it could. The biggest difference will be in shear muscle. We all know that the Wii can't hold a candle to the 360's processing power. Couple that with the fact that Project Natal will have its own internal processor, and a tone of support from developers known for more than just making family party games, it will accomplish things that the Wii (or the God Rest Its Soul Eye Toy) never has or never will do in its current state.

    One last point, look at where Microsoft started - The year was 2001, dead last, new kid on the block, going up against the largest gaming corporation around - the mighty Sony. Fast forward to today. Microsoft has done an amazing thing given the gigantic install base and head start Sony had. The one question I would ask to all the Sony execs, if they've still got jobs is: "How in the world could you muck that up!" I've said it before and will say it again: That's like an NFL football team being up 42-0 at the half and loosing the game.

    My PS3 brethren, you've got a choice to make, wait around for the PS4 to come along and gt it right, or as the saying goes...

    "Jump In..."


  76. Ive never cared about the Halo Franchise, But I really bet Nintendo is really kicking them selfs in the ass knowing they passed up Halo as an exclusive ha ha games are games period I own all 3 and PC which i do my least amount of gaming on mainly when I am bored I sign on Rune Scape for 20 minutes, Wii I do not do much gaming on anymore, but my PS3 and 360 I put in about the same amount of hours a week for them. They both really go hand in hand with each other, I really like xbox and 360 cause they really remind me of what Sega could of been. and I like Sony with all there accomplishments and perseverance against the Nintendo screw job in the mid 90's they both went through a battle and made you top notch gaming consoles!

  77. Halo would fail as an exclusive on the Wii. IMO it's good they did not accept it...

    Look at the franchise now..

  78. The graphics look just like Halo ODST.... Is this site on drugs?

    WOAH WOAH WOAH! Whats this? I see all these 360 fanboys saying stuff about gameplay instead of graphics? As i recall when this generation started all the 360 fanboys were all into graphics!! No way your changing this now since the Ps3 can kick arse in graphics and gameplay. Please so not do this because the Ps3 has you beat now. Every time id go on a website. Id see nothing but info or complaints about the graphics for 360 fans. I have a 360 well my brother does and i do enjoy it i just didnt get into the Halo franchise but when you make up lies i defend what is right and as Light Yagami would say i am Justice!

    If you want a fun game thats great overal and kicks Halos arse then Uncharted 2 is the game for you. Everything about the game is fantastic.

  79. I love my Xbox so much, and regret buying a PS3, because of all the fanboy's that just comment to say, "oh but our system is way better, and, and we have games that already look like this, and Halo is so bad." if PS3 is so god damn good why arn't you playing it all the time. Instead of commenting about how much better ur system is, if we cared we would buy one.

  80. Why do sony fanboys spend soooooo much time in xbox360 forums?
    maybe its because these forums are more fun than there games will ever be lol!

    They all bark on how good killzone 2, its so good that about 90% of the PS3 install base didnt even buy lol! how funny is that!
    Theres another reason they spend so much time in Xbox360 forums jealousy! we're to busy playing great games and their to busy being jealous lol!

  81. The Ps3 wouldn't be so bad if it actually had a decently designed controller. I can't stand trying to play Killzone 2 with the lame ps3 controller.

    Killzone 2 didn't even impress me. all the talk from Ps3 fanboys about how great it looks, I was left rather dissapointed.

    X360 takes the cake for me. Online + Awesome Controller = Win

  82. Man how many times do 360 fanboy morons need to be owned before they get it? A cut - scene is not the same as gameplay, i feel embarassed for anyone who bought a 360 to actually PLAY games instead of hyping them up to the fullest only to be let down by last - gen graphics and compressed audio.

    Also, to the idiot ranting about the PC, no PC game looks even half as good as Killzone 2, that's a fact, if you're looking for good graphics you won't find them on a PC.

    It's no wonder theese 360 fanboys spend so much time in forums......360 has barely any exclusive games to keep them entertained and the games it does have 99% of them don't even buy, how funny is that?

  83. To the idiot above why are you even in this forum PS3 fanboy....you talk about us in these forums but why are you here? we're here because Halo is an xbox game so if your not interested in playing xbox games i will ask again why are you here?

  84. @David McFail: "Also, to the idiot ranting about the PC, no PC game looks even half as good as Killzone 2, that's a fact, if you're looking for good graphics you won't find them on a PC."

    Crysis? are you *seriously* going to say that Crysis doesnt even look half as good as Killzone 2?


    aaaah the misguided thoughts of idiotic fanboys amuse me.

  85. lol halo 2 sold 2.4million copies within 24hours. and for all those dissing halo:LEARN TO PLAY SOMETHING OTHER THEN YOUR OVERATED K2!the only thing ps3 fanboys come up with is "its got blue ray" or "the graphix are so much better then the 360" who cares how great the graphix are cause just yesterday i was playing my old NES and playing some good old duck hunt. AND GUESS WHAT! IT WAS AMAZING FUN even though the graphix are terrible. you know that saying "quality over quantity" well right now it should be "fun over quality"

  86. To the idiot that says crysis doesnt look half as good as killzone2 your a fool, typical sony fanboy, goto any site and they will tell you that crysis is the best looking game period FACT!.