Wednesday, December 9

Famitsu Final Fantasy Review Score Leaked

Famitsu review scores don't intrigue us that much here at GamesThirst, but when you're talking Final Fantasy then our interests peak.

The review score for Final Fantasy XIII from renowned Japanese publication Famitsu, has been leaked according to this source which includes scans of the magazine. In it, Final Final garnered a near perfect score of 39/40 which was expected, however it's important to remember that the same mag gave Bayonetta a 40/40.

The reviewer that deducted 1 point from the RPG's score complained of a "cluttered screen" which makes it difficult to see how much damage is being dealt. Other than that, all else is super.

"Beautiful graphics and superb story. These aspects can be enjoyed without feeling as though they're being forced upon you," Reviewer 1 said. "Combined with this, the extreme sense of satisfaction from the gameplay, is a direct result of a system that's evolved and reach perfection. With no vice to really speak of, at this time, this game stands at the RPG forefront of a superb combination of story and gameplay who's value can undoubtedly be experienced by all."

The third reviewer praised the game as being "extravagant and dense" and spoke highly of the sheer amount of content available in the game.

It's out on December 17th, 2009 in Japan and March 7th in the west. And it's looking darn good.

12/09/09 Ernice Gilbert

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