Thursday, December 17

Final Fantasy 14 Opens A Beta Sign Up

With the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy 14, (I still don't know why this even exists yet) fans can be happy to note that Square-Enix has opened up a beta sign up for the PC version of the game.

Don't worry if you can't sign up first as the official FAQ reads, "Please note that users will be selected by random from all applications for the beta test." Other details for antsy gamers include that you must be 18 to participate, applying more than once will get you disqualified, and they plan to do this all in waves, increasing the population with each.

The page also says that a PS3 beta will also be taking place but those applications will come at a later time. The game, though, is planned to release simultaneously on PC and PS3 with mention that they are exploring all possible options on other platforms.

If you are interested in signing up for the beta, follow this link to the official site and take a look, just don't expect the page to load properly for a while.

12/17/09 Colton West

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