Saturday, December 19

Heavy Rain DLC Revealed

Sony has finally revealed and detailed the DLC that will be available for the highly-anticipated PS3 exclusive 'Heavy Rain.'

Entitled the "Heavy Rain Chronicles", the first episode will be made available for free to players who put in a pre-order of the game.

Heavy Rain: Chronicle One - The Taxidermist will feature investigative journalist Madison Paige in her hunt for a serial killer. It will be an update to the original "Taxidermist" demo.

The rest of the game's cast will appear in later episodes which will take place either before or after the game's events. They will set you back $4.99.

For those of you who won't bother with a pre-order, the first two episodes will be made available on the PSN at a later date as no official release date has been given.

12/19/09 Colton West

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