Tuesday, December 15

Heavy Rain Screens Are... Well, Heavy

Heavy Rain is the game Quantic Dream and Sony hope will usher in a positive change in the industry, one that will help people on the outside realize that gaming is not just for kids anymore but rather just like Hollywood, it's graduated from infancy stages and now can cater to mature audiences. This according to David Cage, after all, the people who play the games don't stay young forever, and if the art form don't grow and mature with them, statistics show how drastic the results can be.

A recent survey performed by the NPD finds that as gamers age, they eventually migrate from the gaming industry. So I guess Mr. Cage has a point. Actually he has more than one, his latest show-off being new screens from Quantic Dream's upcoming title Heavy Rain.

They're over at Eurogamer. Understand what the man is trying to say people, take time out to understand.

12/15/09 Ernice Gilbert

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