Wednesday, December 9

Insomniac thinks they're the best development studio you could work for

The studio behind the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank series wants you to know that if you're looking for employment, they should be the first studio you give a call. Why? Only because they've been consistently nominated since 2004 among the best places to work. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Listed here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider giving Insomniac a call now to start off you career in the gaming business.

1. The studio has received 11 awards since 2004 naming it among the best places to work.

2. According to Insomniac, their games rock! Which we'll leave you to be the judge of that.

3. Everyone who works for the company has a say, meaning their ideas a useful and sometimes implemented. Which imo is a god thing, sometimes the best ideas comes from those you least expect.

4. They have excellent benefits, among the best in any industry.

5. Their perks are even better....

6. The studio offers long term ongoing training and development.

7. Locations, locations, locations! You'll have to ask them about this one.

8. Insomniac says they "walk the talk on honesty and openness company wide. Which means you won't be left in the dark concerning what's going on with the company.

9. Here's a really good one: seven weeks minimum of annual paid time off, which does not include sick days and conference attendance.

10. Last but not least, they're company that's environmentally friendly, and when all the talk about global warming in the airwaves, you'll at least feel better you work for a company who's concerned about the environment.

The gaming industry is known for taking good care of its own and it's good to see a reputable studio at the forefront, leading the way and setting a clear path for others to follow. Gearbox is another good example of a development studio taking great care of its people. Keep it going guys, let's make the onlookers envy this great industry.

Seven weeks minimum of annual paid time off which do not include sick days and conference attendance sound like a darn great deal to me. Have you made that call yet?

12/09/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. I wouldn't mind working for them at all.

  2. Sounds fucking great!! SEVEN weeks baby, thats like being at home in France. U know what we say too much work.........bad!! Plenty of time to relax and enjoy life and the money you are making... GOOD!!

  3. i wanted to work for them before i saw this because i love their games and i have looked into their company and it is pretty sweet. I would believe that 7. is becuase they have a studio in Burbank, CA and North Carolina (dont know the city)

  4. "Give them a call..."

    How about a phone number?;)

  5. Wait, you mean we have to find you the job, and also hunt down the company's phone number and give it to you on a silver platter?

    You're not ready to work then....


  6. id love to work for them.
    for me it would be.
    #1 sony santa monica studios.
    #2 naughty dog.
    # 3 insomniac.
    only bad thing about the games industry is you have to have lots of experience to get a job in it.
    how can you get the experience if no one will hire you?
    its not like theres development companies offering traineeships.
    now that would be SWEET!
    not to mention the course is EXTREMLEY! expensive.
    30K per year and its a 4 year corse.
    and thats at tafe, god knows how much uni would be charging you.