Thursday, December 24

Lego Indiana Jones 2 Demo Available Now

Even though the game has already been out for a while, LucasArts thought it'd be a good idea to put a demo up on both the Playstation Network and the Xbox 360 Marketplace. (exclusive for Gold members) 

Why did they do this? Well it's possible that the game is selling pretty bad and they figure if people try it they will want to buy it and I can understand that. I own the first Lego Indy game and It really wasn't all that bad to be honest. Sure it was extremely childish but it was still humorous.

Here is the description that is featured on the official product page over at

"LEGO Indiana Jones is back in his biggest adventure yet! Now you can whip, battle and build your way through all of Indy’s action-packed movie adventures, with a uniquely funny LEGO twist. Play ALL-NEW levels from The Original Adventures & your favorite new moments from The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull... Or for the first time, create your own levels to play with friends! New characters, abilities and modes like two-player drop-in, drop-out split-screen gameplay, lets you play together with your friends and family like never before!" 

12/24/09 Colton West

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