Tuesday, December 22

Mass Effect 2 Achievement List Revealed (Spoilers)

Here is a little interesting news for Xbox 360 owners who are anxiously awaiting Mass Effect 2.

Xbox 360 Achievements has a complete list of all 50 achievements you can earn in the game which all adds up to the basic 1,000 gamerscore that we see in all the other 360 games.

None of these achievements are "Secret" ones though so definitely be aware that these could contain spoilers if you plan to look at them. Below are few of the achievements but if you want to see the full list, follow this link.
Missing in Action (5)
Save your crew from an overwhelming attack
Very Elusive (10)
Return to active duty
The Convict (10)
Successfully recruit the biotic Convict
The Krogan (10)
Successfully recruit the
The Archangel (10)
Successfully recruit Archangel
The Professor (10)
Successfully recruit the Professor
The Quarian (10)
Successfully recruit the
The Justicar (10)
Successfully recruit the
The Assassin (10)
Successfully recruit the Assassin
Friend or Foe (10)
geth technology.

12/22/09 Colton West

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