Friday, December 11

NPD: Nintendo still is boss, PS3 sees 88% growth and XBOx 360 surprises all

It's that time again folks, time to see how the gaming industry performed for the month on November, and according to Anita Frazier of the NPD, things were not so bad, in fact this past November was the second best in the industry's history.

The hardware numbers:

PS2 - 203.1k

PS3 - 710.4K

PSP - 293.9K

Xbox 360 - 819.5K

Wii - 1.26M

DS - 1.70M

The software numbers:

Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 - 4.20M

Modern Warfare 2 - PS3 - 1.87M

Super Mario Bros Wii - 1.39M

Assassin's Creed II - Xbox 360 - 794.7K

Assassin's Creed II - PS3 - 448.4K

Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360 - 744.0K

Wii Sports Resort - 720.2K

Wii Fit Plus - 679.0K

Dragon Age: Origins Xbox 360 - 362.1K

Mario Kart W/Wheel - Wii - 315.0K

As you can see, MW2 destroyed all in its path selling over six million copies on Xbox 360 and PS3 combined. Assassin's Creed did extremely well also, with over 1 million in combined sales.

But it's on the hardware side of things where all the talk is. Xbox 360 outsold the redesigned PS3 Slim with Microsoft's flagship console selling well over 800,000 units. PS3 however had its best November since release, selling over 700,000 units, that's an 88 percent rise above last year's.

Good numbers all around, but don't you just love the PS2's indurance?

12/11/09 Ernice Gilbert

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