Thursday, December 3

Playable demo of GT5 date confimed

If you've been wondering how long you'll have to wait to get your Gran Turismo 5 thirst quenched, it won't be much longer.

According to the EU PS BLOG, a playable GT5 demo will release on December 17th.

"It will be the first opportunity to get a first hands-on tester to what Yamauchi-san and his Polyphony team have been carefully crafting and polishing at their Tokyo base," this according to the Blog.

The download is a GT Academy 2010 trial, through which you can get into the GT Academy just as in real cars.

You'll be invited to a national event if you qualify in the top twenty within your country.

Get the full vibe through the link.

12/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. if this is the first hands-on tester, what was prologue? (apart from a demo that some suckers atually paid for, i mean)