Saturday, December 5

PSP Minis will soon be playable on PS3?

I would not be too surprised if most other PSP gamers found the 'PSP Minis' on the PSN to be a bit pricey just like I do and considering they are only playable on the PSP, does not make them top priority among PSN shoppers especially when you could just buy a PSone Classic or UMD Legacy title in their place. But what if they could also be played on your Playstation 3?

According to various sources that spoke with Joystiq, Sony may be in the process of exploring ways to expand the number of players who buy and play the 'Minis' by making them also available on the PS3. This change (according to the sources) will also be taking place very soon, even possibly before Christmas.

Furthermore, you will be able to play all existing and presumably all future releases as well in a higher resolution on the PS3 giving you a little more added incentive to purchase them.

However, it is unknown at this point whether the 'Minis' can be bought once and played on both systems like the PSone Classics are, or if you would need to purchase them individually for each platform.

It would be a really terrible idea on Sony's part if they decided to do this and charge us more, but I suppose only time will tell.

12/05/09 Colton West

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