Tuesday, December 1

Quantic Dream tells Gama "games can be meaningful"

Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere sat down for an interview with Gamasutra, in which he said if done right, games could be "meaningful."

"I think the most important goal for us is to show that video games can be more than just shooting, driving - that games can be meaningful."

Guillaume de Fondaumiere was also pleased the their game was being called an "interactive movie."

"The best short-term definition we found [for Heavy Rain] was 'interactive movie' which is a double edged sword quite simple because it reminds people of those games at the early '90s when you were basically in a movie and you had the going to the left or opening the door to the right - which of course Heavy Rain is absolutely not."

Heavy Rain will be out February 2010.

Get the full thing through the link.

12/01/09 Ernice Gilbert

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