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Reloaded Review: Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

Publisher: Square-Enix
Developer: Square-Enix
Player:(s) 1 Offline, 1-2 Ad-Hoc
Genre: Fighting, Role-playing
Release Date: (NA) August 25, 2009 (EU) September 4, 2009 (JP) December 18, 2008
Platform:(s) PSP
Rated: Teen

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a game that differs from what your typical Final Fantasy experience would always be, but is that nessessarily a bad thing?

Dissidia's story centers around an eternal conflict that has been raging on between the god of harmony; Cosmos, and the god of discord; Chaos. Warriors have been summoned since the beginning of time to fight for each side but now the tides have turned in favor of Chaos.

The 10 warriors chosen by Cosmos to battle in the name of harmony must now bring the war to an end by destroying Chaos and his minions of evil.

Dissidia is easily one of the best looking PSP games out there without a doubt. The cutscenes are gorgeous whether it be the CGI scenes or the in-game ones, they all ooze with graphical goodness.

Each fighter is modeled in such a way that they look like they are taken directly from PS2 games which is very, very impressive for a handheld and the arenas in which you do battle are easy on the eyes as well.
Another thing to mention during battles is that the sheer amount of flashy effects that are going on at one time doesn't cause the game to lag at all from what I've seen.

Dissidia truly shines in the gameplay department. Unlike other games in the series, Dissidia's combat occurs in real time making the action and the battles far more exciting and fast paced.

It features five different game modes including a story mode, arcade mode, quick battle mode, duel colosseum and a communications mode for multiplayer. Arcade Mode and Quick Battle are basically self-explanitory but with Duel Colosseum, you face off against a never-ending wave of opponents collecting items, gold and experience points to use on your desired character. The difficulty in Duel Colosseum is completely your choice which means you're never short of a challenge.

Story Mode can be played in any order you wish using any of the 10 fighters the game offers you. Each story took me around 40-60 minutes to complete so they aren't very long but consider that there are 10 stories plus sub-stories as well. The character roster also stands out as you choose from 20 different fighters (10 in story mode) ranging from the Warrior of Light and Garland from Final Fantasy 1 all the way up to Tidus and Jecht from Final Fantasy X.

Every character in the game can be leveled up and powered up with items that give you attack and defense bonuses. Each fighter also has their own unique attacks and you learn more as you level up, except for Bartz who just copies everyone else's cause I guess Square-Enix didn't like him much.

Story mode is told through a mix of battles, cutscenes and map navigation that plays similar to a chessboard in a way. Each battle has varying difficulty but every single one of them is always enjoyable thanks to the game's simple control system which allows you to pull off attacks and create duels similar to those seen in the Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie.

With each victory, you recieve points that can used in a Museum to purchase icons from past games in the franchise, alternate costumes, music, gameplay bonuses and other nostalgic material that gives the game an unbelieveable amount of replay value.

My only real complaint about the gameplay is that there is no online multiplayer. Are you serious Square? Dissidia had the potential to be one of the best online experiences on the PSP but they had to ruin it by excluding this feature.

I'll start by saying that the voice acting in the game is great. Every character is fully voiced and even has characters such as Cloud, Sephiroth and Tidus being portrayed by the same voice actors used in the Advent Children movie and in Final Fantasy X but don't worry, Tidus' voice isn't as bad this time around. The script however, is very cheesy most of the time but it's nothing too serious.

About 95% of the music in this game is redone versions of music from all 10 major entries in the series including some of the most well known scores. It all sounds great and only adds to the game's enormous nostalgic appeal.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a game that will appeal to RPG fans and Final Fantasy fans. People looking for a fighting game as in-depth as say Soul Calibur or Tekken will be greatly disappointed.

It has countless hours of replayability, simple controls that result in epic battles, and a nostalgia factor only rivaled by Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Nintendo Wii.

Definitely buy this game if you haven't already because it's more then worth the price.

- Some of the best graphics on the PSP
- Simple controls but in-depth gameplay
- Countless hours of replayability
- Unprecidented nostalgia factor

- No online multiplayer
- The occasional wonky camera
- Story doesn't last very long


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