Sunday, December 20

Reloaded Review: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved (Xbox Live Arcade)

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Genre: Mult-Directional Shooter
Release Date: June 18, 2007
Platform(s): Xbox Live Arcade (also on PC)
Cost: 400 Microsoft Points

There is none. You blow stuff up, enough said.

'GW:RE' comes in two forms when you download it. It comes in both a retro version that was included with Project Gotham Racing 2 back in on the original Xbox. It's a very arcadey-looking game with graphics that aren't much better then those of a regular arcade machine or the NES.

The 'Evolved' version of the game is the version that is the definite must play. The graphics are upgraded with flashy colors, background-distorting explosions and energy beams, and tons of particles erupting from countless enemies. It has very seizure-inducing visuals but on a high-def TV it looks fantastic.

Everything on screen is basically wireframe and have little to no detail. It's simple but effective even though sometimes it gets hard to concentrate.

In both versions of the game you take control of a ship as you fly around the arena and blow up your foes. You use the left thumbstick to move and the right thumbstick to fire in all directions.

After you have collected a high enough score, you are awarded with an extra life and a particle nuke that decimates everything on screen which comes in handy when you're being surrounded.

The game starts off very easy but as your score grows, so does the amount of enemies on-screen until you don't even have time to think and if you're reflexes are anything short of amazing, you will die.

Not much to be said about the sound effects and music. The musical piece is a single piece that just keeps looping which gets a bit droning and the sound effects are delightfully retro and sound a lot like the old school arcade games.

When you set off a particle nuke, the music cuts out and distorts which is also a really awesome effect.

While Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved has nothing to offer in the story department, it has truly addicting arcade gameplay with flashy effects and a very high difficulty level. At 400 points, it's really quite a steal and well worth it.

- Addicting gameplay
- Simple yet dazzling visuals

- No story whatsoever
- No variety in game modes


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