Monday, December 21

Serious Sam 3 Appears To Be Coming In 2010

In news that makes me extremely happy, Croteam's CEO Roman Ribaric has recently announced in an interview with Destructoid that Serious Sam 3 is not only still in development but is scheduled to be released in 2010.

Just another title to throw into the already huge list of cluttered gaming releases next year.

Apparently Serious Sam 3 isn't going to be a cartoony type of shooter like the original two games in the series were which could be very interesting. I just don't get how you can make a game called Serious Sam well..serious. Cause as we all know, headlesskamikazes flying at you screaming somehow is truly a dramatic experience worthy of an epic story.

Be sure to click this link to check out the full interview.

12/21/09 Colton West

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