Thursday, December 3

Sony to fix PS3 version of Bayonetta before it arrives in the west

There have been issues plaguing the PS3 version of Bayonetta; screens look less appealing compared to the Xbox 360's version, and overall it just looks and feel inferior.

Sega and Platinum games are aware of this and according to a report over on Gamekyo, (via wearetheinternetz) are "taking responsibility" for the PS3 version and a team at Sony is hard at work fixing the game.

Long load times, and bad frame rates add to the problems and the team hopes to "guarantee" a better version of the game outside Japan.

Let's hope all is fixed before the game's release in January. It's sad that this situation is even occurring in the first place. Weren't they aware of those issues when the game was under development? Seems like a case of laziness and carelessness to me. But whatever.

Sony to the rescue again; hope this don't get out of control.

12/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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