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Stop dreaming, these four PS3 exclusives won't come to 360 (rumor killers)

"Hey you, yes you, wake up! Stop dreaming. What? Is Resistance 3 on the Xbox 360 yet? No, pssh, what you are crazy? Wake up dude. There are just certain games you won't see on that Xbox 360 of yours. I know Insomniac is a third party development studio but you must understand, they have a very close relationship with Sony; besides, Sony owns the Resistance Intellectual Property (IP)."

"In fact, it's not only Resistance you won't see on that 360 of yours, but a plethora of other exclusive titles. Dude shut up and listen! I'll list the rest of them for you."


The game is not even out yet and already Xbox 360 owners are claiming that the title which was announced by Rockstar at this year's E3 as a PS3 exclusive, is really only timed and therefore shall see the light of day on the Xbox 360. That couldn't be further away from the truth.

Sony apparently owns the Agent IP so just like Halo, Agent won't cross-over to any other platform. The hardware giant also expects the title to have the same effect the GTA franchise had on the PS2. So forget it, this one belongs to PS3.

Quantum Theory: Tecmo has made it clear that this game, originally headed to the PC is a true PS exclusive. Another sign is the fact that Tecmo plans on using the PS3's full potential which some has argued is miles ahead of the Xbox 360's technology and therefore the title would not be able to run on the latter.

"Initially, the game concept was built around this game being a PC game," designer Keisuke Kikuchi said in an interview. "So the team started working on the gameplay portion on the PC, [but] we were pretty confident that we were going to be able to display and execute what we wanted using the power of the PS3."

Give it up 360 fans, you'll only be disappointed in the end.

UPDATE: Seems Like Tecmo has been paying attention to the popularity this article garnered because just two days ago our piece was posted and now they've announced that Quantum Theory will no longer be a PS3 exclusive but will also be available on the Xbox 360. Game's out spring of next year. Sorry PS3 owners, Sony needs to find a way to keep their exclusives just as their title states, exclusive.

Final Fantasy vs XIII:

We all know by now that Final Fantasy XIII has made peace with the XBox 360 and will be releasing worldwide for both platforms on March 7th, 2010. But we also know there's another big RPG title that's cooking in Square-Enix's Japan kitchen dubbed Final Fantasy vs XIII. From what we've seen, the title is mind-blowing: jaw-dropping visuals, excellent plot, and an overall bad-boy feel.

It's also a PS3 exclusive, and according to 360 owners, just like Square-Enix lied about Final Fantasy XIII, they'll do the same with this title. Err, no, they won't.

According to the publisher, the title is under vigorous development moving on nicely and there are no changes on the "exclusive" status. In other words it's not coming to the Xbox 360. What? Final Fantasy XIII is not sufficient enough? Oh well, deal with it.

12/05/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. I would love Final Fantasy vs XII on my XBox 360, and you know what? Forget you PS3 boys, it will come!!!!!! Microsoft FTW!!!!!

  2. Agent is the only game on that list worth a damn, so congratz 1 game.

    360 owners owned indeed...

  3. @above.

    Very informative post there. You took facts and based your opinion after carefully analyzing the data at hand. Good job, keep up the good work. Fact of the matter is you are just the same as the poster above (no offense Mr. Gilbert) in your fanboyism except that he [the OP] has based his conclusion on real hard actual facts and you gotta give him that. How about instead of making yourself to be an imbecile why won't you just go and buy yourself a PS3 and enjoy the great games that system has to offer and leave your fanboyism behind you and grow up. Denying yourself great games because of some misplaced sense of loyalty or some delusional need to remain loyal to a gargantuan multi national corporation is stupid and rather pathetic, and you need to rethink some things.

    Take to heart and listen but I have a feeling you won't and it's rather sad.

  4. fuck all you microsoft fanboys none of those games are coming to the xbox 3shity


  5. @above very well said... these stupid fanboys and there console gets old and rather annoying.... and there blind misplaced loyalty to soul-less companys is down right scary.... they both will screw you in the long run xbox FTW please... how about you wake the hell up you lameass fanboys and devote your time to something less extream same goes for your ps3 fanboys.... WAKE THE HELL UP

  6. To the 360 fanboy idiot above who mentioned that Agent is the only game he wanted. Wow, so even a fanboy like yourself admits he wants a PS3 game.

    If for some reason you fell on your head and forgot about the 100 other PS3 exclusives that are light years better than any 360 exclusive, don't for a second forget that the 360 has no game worth buying. Deal with it fanboy. Go cry some more.

  7. Nothing good ever comes to the 360, only the PS3 coz everyone knows that it is MUCH better!

  8. 360 is shit and its exclusives suck. Halo pfffttt wat a piece of crap.

  9. fanboys calling fanboys fanboys
    what fanboys :)

    Comes in handy to own all consoles
    there will always be great exclusives on all the consoles
    whether it be uncharted 2 for ps3, or gears of war for xbox

    the ones who don't are either blinded with fanboyism, or cant afford it (if its the second then fairplay to them)

  10. i don't understand why you selected these games of the PS3 which are all 3rd party games. they are exclusive for now but only time will tell if they could remain exclusive.

    why not mention:

    God of War
    Gran Turismo
    the last guardian

    they are all developed by sony owned developers and therefore the least likely to come to xbox.

  11. just like 360 never got one the best games this Gen, MGS4!.

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  13. honestly, I might have to buy a PS3 to play Agent, if it's anything like GTA, then I'm for the win with this one.

  14. @ Meinard:

    Seriously, do you really think franchises like Uncharted and God of War stand a chance of appearing on the Xbox 360? Me neither, so placing them on the list would be futile.

  15. Another stupid post. Just buy both consoles and enjoy. Enough with this stupid wars.

  16. LAUGH, I HAVE a PS3. Play it more than my 360. You fail, congratz.

    -PS3 fans started giving a shit about Versus AFTER 13 went multiplat. I could give a shit b/c I don't play FF

    Q-uantum Theory is a shameless Gears ripoff, period.

    T-he entire Resistance franchise is is a joke, the first 1 was mediocre, only getting attention b/c it was a launch title and #2 is just crap.

  17. Resistance = good gamesDecember 5, 2009 at 8:03 AM

    Resistance 2 (2008) 87
    Resistance: Fall of Man (2006) 86

    Sorry, but that doesn't translate to mediocore games.

  18. There's more than those four games / series. Stop dreaming, because these PS3 second and thirparty exclusives won't come to 360. Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Twisted Metal, Modnation Racers, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza etc.

  19. Why all the hate??

    I mean both consoles have killer exclusives. There are a lot of games that will never see the light of day on either console. I have both consoles and can say both consoles have amazing exclusives.

    I am really interested in seeing the final product of FFv13. It looks like it's using the "White Engine," compared to what we are seeing with FF13. While saying that the PS3 probably won't ever get Mass Effect 1 or 2.

    Quantum Theory does look like a shameless Gears ripoff.

    AGENT seems like it's going to be badass especially since RockStar is behind it.

    Resistance I really haven't been able to get into it since the original game.

  20. Real gamer buys both consoles!

  21. They're talked about like their AAA when in fact, as you just proved, they are not.

  22. I got a 360 just because it was cheaper and to be perfectly honest most of the games that are really worth buying are on both Consoles. The COD series, Assassins creed(both of them), Prototype, Dragon age: orignis and many more. Dont get me wrong though there are excellent exlusives for both I mean Demon souls looks amazing im so dissapointed that I cant get it!Same as I have GOW which is easliy one of the most gripping and action packed games to date.So to be honest regardless of what you play your gona miss out on some thing so either shut up or fuck off cause tbh no one wants to hear either fan boys shite on about how there console is the best!!!

    And for the record I would be first to admit that the Halo series is shit and is no turning into a money making scam.(ODST was the biggest rip off game this year) and as such im ashamed to call it a 360 exclusive.

  23. LBDz

    Sony owns Agent's IP, so NOT coming to 360 for sure.

    Sony also owns the Resistance Intellectual Property ( IP ) so NOT coming to 360 for sure either.

    Quantum Theory Could come to the 360, but can't see it due to the 360 having the Gears Of War series, which is (IMO) like Quantum Theory.

    Fantasy vs XIII might just be a PS3 timed Exclusive, but IMO i can't see this coming to 360 due to the consoles limited disc space. Look at F-Fantasy XIII on the 360, that alone might need 3-4 Discs, being looked upon like the last gen consoles, ( Meaning Disc swapping is a thing of the past with Blu-Ray ). Maybe Square-Enix's just can't be bothered with multi-disc games anymore.?

  24. Never heard so much anger that it makes me laugh. How come i keep hearing that the 360 has no games but always hearing PS3 fanboys crying for Mass Effect and Left4Dead series. Even cried for Bioshock and when it did come out not sure it even sold as good on the PS3 as it did on the 360. A true gamer love what each system has to offer. This type of crap is getting so old.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. wow look at all the 360 fanboys crying and blabbering about sales and "ta ps3 is doomzzzz" lets get to the exclusives on the list shall we.

    agent: oh for those thinking this is a timed exclusive forget it 360 fanboys it was made for ps3 and will stay on ps3 and well it was made from all that money your precious microsoft gave to rockstar so should say this any way "thanks for beta testing for us bots.

    quantum theory: geow rip-off

    final fantasy vs.XIII: there is no way in hell will you get this badass masterpiece on a piece of junk like oh 54% failure rate x crap 360 this game is staying on ps3 and thats that shut up and be glad you got final fantasy XIII but in order to getting this you'll have to visit a certain place called dreamland and the lolipop kingdom of daisy and cupcake land.

    resistance 3: ip owned by sony keep dreaming

  27. I doubt the Xbox 360 would be able to run Final Fantasy Versus XIII without exploding in a miserable pile of last - gen technology, which is the main reason it's a PS3 exclusive.

    There are some games the 360 just can't handle, MGS4 was one of them and Versus XIII is another.

  28. 360 muppets crying about the games that will never come to their system.


  29. None of the exclusives are worth a PS3.

    From what I can tell from the ones you listed here Sonys answer to Xbox is to just copy all of their popular games and call them their own IP.

    I guess when you fail for so long you just decide to copy the guys who are doing it right.

  30. Would it have been too obvious for this article to have listed games made by Sony studios such as Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, the Uncharted series and Jak and Daxter?

  31. lol i just read resistance not on xbox i laughed, i dont want that shit anyway

  32. why are shooters on ps3 not incorporating their bootleg triggers?

  33. sorry xbox fans playstation is too advance square enix even had trouble with the xbox with final fantasy 13 so what makes you think that the'll do it again.Just face it thing just should'nt be on xbox because the games are just to advance if you tried to put a blu-ray disc you'll end up with red rings sorry

  34. WOW all fanboys need to grow the heck up! both systems are good and i dont care what anyone has to say! they both have great games and have their own specialties! so just shut the HELL UP and buy both! that way you can play everything!

  35. please you 12 year olds went crazy over agent being exclusive to ps3 and what added fuel to the fire it is microsoft's money creating the game and it won't ever come to 360 lol. final fantasy vs XIII are you kidding me you xbox fanboys are dying to have it on 360 one bot in the forums was saying "oh i wish final fantasy vs XIII was on 360 that would be a kick to the face of sony" lol i had to laugh hard because bots are really stupid and oh what is that word oh wait i know what it is "special" you make me laugh with your stupid and dumb excuses " oh did'nt want that piece of garbage on 360" you bots said the same thing about metal gear solid 4 {bots words} " it has a crap story it is boring as hell it is shit" yet when all those prescious rumors of metal gear solid 4 on 360 {bots words} pop up "oh it is the greatest game of all time caint wait to play as solid snake on my 360 but when they were all denied by kojima himself it goes from the greatest game ever to the most crappiest stealth games of all time by bots logic hmm' interesting but you bots went crazy as hell when metal gear solid rising *cough spin off *cough at microsofts press confrence and all you fanboys said it's exclusive it's exclusive no it wasn't you really think kojima would leave his fanbase for you ignorant bots no did'nt think so i have to laugh at some of the xbox fanboy comments here lol.

  36. You Fanboys are pathetic....

  37. I like how all the xbox fanboys are saying the xbawks is better when ps3 has been out selling it for the last couple of months and continues to outsell it. Also how the ps3 almost never fails and xbox 360 does about 50 percent of the time. I do not own either one im a pc gamer i think ill get a ps3 eventually and i also play alot of 360 because alot of my friends own them. My opinion is the Ps3 is better and the PS3 exclusives are truly exclusives XBAWKS exclusives come out on PC aswell and you call L4D2 and L4D xbox exclusives those are for the PC they where made by VALVe a PC Dev and look at all the updates we get and all the free content. Have fun paying for you stuff.

  38. "From what I can tell from the ones you listed here Sonys answer to Xbox is to just copy all of their popular games and call them their own IP.

    I guess when you fail for so long you just decide to copy the guys who are doing it right."

    PlayStation brand was before Xbox brand = Sony doing it right -> MS copying Sony

  39. LOL, look at all the pathetic Xbox 360 fanboys on here. Why are you talking trash on a thread about PS3 games??? Is the Xbox 360 so pathetic that there's no games you want to play on it so you have to spend all your time discussing the games on the competition??? ROFL - this looks like jealousy to me.

    I guess seeing as how the 360 has no exclusives all you Microsoft cheerleaders are desperate to be near real games - which is why you're here discussing the PS3 instead of your own last - gen, 110% failure rate console.

  40. I would love to be able to play not only the games mentioned by Mr. Gilbert but some others as well that have been PS3 exclusives.
    But I have a kicking "gaming" PC, Xbox 360 and a Wii (Which was a huge waste of my cash so far. The Wii sucks for serious gaming. Super Mario galaxy and Zelda TP are it for good games IMO. I keep hoping for something better though. This is Nintendo after all.)

    I bought the 360 on release and haven't had a problem with it. No red rings. No malfunctions at all. I know, I'm one of the lucky few so far.
    But the fact is that I went through 3 PS2's way back when. 3 until I finaly got a good one.
    Thing is Sony gave me a new one each time. No repair cost, no hassle, no excuses and no crappy customer service. I just called them up, told them my problem and they said,basically, "No worries! Just send it in and we'll get another right out to you."
    And they did.
    Every time.
    The longest I had to wait was 10 days for my new one to arrive.
    When my 360 fails, as it eventually will, I'll get a PS3 as MS will either want to charge me for repairs or just send me a used refurb that may or may not have issues when it arrives or soon after.
    Then I'll pick up a PS3 and the games I waited to play either used or marked down and chalk up my Microsoft daliance as a learning experience.
    No I haven't had any problems with my 360 yet. But I will. And I've seen and read how they conduct thier "Customer service" with others. This is the last MS console I buy no matter what they do in the future.

  41. I'm a 40 year old guy who has own a console system since the Atari 2600. I enjoy reading columns, although I have never posted anywhere. Frankly, I have never understood the hatred that is out there for fellow gamers. I thought the idea of video games was to have fun. All consoles (or PC) have their pros and cons. I have a 360, mainly because I had an Xbox, mainly because that's what my friends had. I've enjoyed the last 5 years and wouldn't change anything. I love playing with friends and family. Could I do that with a PS3? Yes, and I also would have a good time. I have friends that have both, and I would never call them "fags" or "retarded" just because they own another system. Who cares? They're VIDEO GAMES! There's enough nonsense out in the world, this is nice, fun escapist entertainment for a couple hours a day (or week). Would I like to play Uncharted? Probably, but I'm busy enough with L4D2, Mass Effect, Fable 2, and Gears, that I'm not really missing it. I'm having a great time with what I have. The same goes for the PS3 users. I'm sure you're having a great time as well. Maybe people should spend less time ripping others and actually enjoy what they have. Alright, I'm done. Feel free to call me "gay", and continue.

  42. Anon @ 4:42pm:

    Sir, I respect you for what you've just said. Maybe if there were more gamers like you around, things would have been different.

    It's ridiculous how "gamers" insult each other just because they have different gaming tastes.

    We should all learn to get along.

    Whether you own PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii, let's end the hate and get along.

  43. Dear PS3 owners:

    There alot of PS3 games we 360 fans would like. Little Big Planet. Heavy rain. Uncharted. Maybe even Killzone 2. Resistance is not one of them. We do not care about this game. It is only brought by the same Ps3 fanboys that hype it. It is a piece of sh!t. Complete cack. Stop deluding yourselves into thinking we actually want it. We do not care about it and we laugh every time you mention it in the context of a "game".

    I'll say this again. 360 owners/fanboys do not give a toss about Resistance 1,2 or 3. You can keep it, and we'll keep laughing at you for it.

  44. Y'know Resistance is kind of not a really good game...being a PS3 person mysef Im really looking forward to FFVXIII its KH but more adult centered is what I heared which is cool, I mean im only 15 but still it looks tight. LBP is tight also

  45. My god PS3 owners are immature. Everyone who owns a 360 points out the positive points of their console. And every single PS3 owner starts saying random crap about how everything on the Xbox 360 is complete garbage and PS3 is the most amazing thing ever created.. PS3 owners need to understand that putting someone, or something down doesn't make them or their console any better. If you really enjoyed your PS3 you wouldn't be here having to talk down the 360.

  46. What the hell is wrong with you people? What animalistic urge told you that arguing about which machine is better was a good idea? Does it make you feel important? smart? Does your little ego get a boost when you spew this useless crap? Shut the hell up for once and consider the fact that no one should actually care about this bull. Exclusives arent something to brag about, they're annoying and are the only thing fueling this primitive rage.

    Shut the hell up and enjoy your console douche bags.

  47. oh wow.... can't people just shut up and play what they have on their consoles?

    Only people with all consoles are laughing at those people...

  48. is a massive viral advertisement.

    The pro-Sony blogs and other various websites on are set up by the same people behind the "All I want for X-mas" scam. is designed to do two things.

    1 Spread Sony virals

    2 Get people arguing to generate hits.

    Don't be a sucker. Turn your back on

  49. Lol Hey!? When you're saying Fan Boy to the 360 crew... You're being a fan boy too... kind of ironic no?... Oh and what is PS3 by the way? A blueray player? Help me... why are we comparing a game console to a movie player?! :D

  50. Why does it seem every PS3 fanboy says the 360 exclusives are not exclusives cause they are on the PC. Not everyone uses their PC's as a game machine. And I don't call a PC a console. So it a exclusive 360 console game. Also if L4D is such a crappy game why are so many PS3 fanboys mad Value are not making PS3 games. HUH

  51. they are not exclusive dumbass most of my friends play l4d 1&2 on pc, mass effect pc, geow pc,all exclusives on 360 are not exclusive you can play the surperior version on pc yet you bots say it is still exclusive stupid 12 year olds now what they say about children on xbox live is very true but it doesn't just effect xbox live it effects the internet as well. you bots say you don't want final fantasy vs XIII yet you are thinking and hopeing it is a timed exclusive {irony} then you call agent just a logo and info but rockstar likes to keep a game a secret untill they show a fantastic trailer in rockstar fashion gurantee it will be fantastic literally one day i ran into a bot by the name of {metal gear solid rising}who said "oh i love rockstar caint wait for the ballad of gay tony and the lost and the dammned go xbox" yet when they announced agent as an exclusive {lol this is funny} he started to really get angry also what added fuel to the fire it's microsoft's money they used to pay rockstar for the gta IV dlc LOL i told him that and in 3,2,1 {his words} " FUCK ROCKSTAR GAMES DOUBLE CROSSING MOTHER{beep} SON OF A {beep} TWO FACED {beep} {beep}HOLES HOW CAN THEY BETRAY US THERE LOYAL FANS WHO OWN XBOX"S {yeah loyal fans buddy whatever helps you sleep at night}THEY GONNA GIVE SONY AND THOSE PLAYSLAVES A EXCLUSIVE WHO WE COULD GIVE THEM EVERYTHING TO MAKE THE BEST 360 EXCLUSIVE OF ALL TIME {LOL} OOH HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE A TIMED EXCLUSIVE AND WE GET THE THE SURPERIOR VERSION AND THROW IT IN THOSE PLAYSLAVES FACE {LOL BAHAHAHAHAHAHABAHAHAHAHAHABAHA. yes so this is proof that children on xbox live do exsist wow you bots keep me entertained when my friends are over my apartment we laugh so hard we have to go to the hospital and checked for any wounds in our guts.

  52. thats what they said about tekken.
    final fantasy.
    metal gear solid.
    devil may cry.
    LA Noire.
    assassins creed.
    and how did those work out?
    in fact the PS3 has almost lost the same ammount of exclusives than they have managed to release.

  53. "in fact the PS3 has almost lost..."

    What about Xbox 360? It has lost games or game series like Bioshock, Braid, Lost Planet, Saints Row, Dead Rising, Ninja Gaiden II, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Fallout 3 DLC, Castle Crashers, Scene It, Eternal Sonata, Warriors Orochi etc to PS3.

  54. where did i say it hasent?
    im just saying exclusives are not set in stone as they use to back in the day.
    anythings possible especially since most of the titles on this list are from 3rd party devs.
    everyone knows 3rd party exclusives are going the way of the dodo.

  55. I like how the retarded 360 fangirls are on here accusing PS3 owners of being insecure while they are talking on a PS3 thread!

    If the 360 had any exclusive games maybe you would be able to play them instead of lusting over the competition all day, idiots.


    "Stop dreaming," huh? Sounds like Quantum theory has become like so many other PS3 exclusives: given in to being published on the 360. Can't blame game publishers for wanting their games to sell....

  57. ^ i just saw that, and LOL'd hard

    garbage game

  58. Who's the retard that said "Can't blame game publishers for wanting their games to sell."???

    How many Xbox exclusives have sold as many copies as Gran Turismo??? What, none? Whoops! Looks like somebody doesn't follow the videogames industry very closely at all.

    Perhaps Microsoft should concentrate on getting their own exclusives to sell first.....maybe that way they'd get more of them.



    i own a ps3 and this game sucks ass, but you are still wrong about devs. THEY WILL LIE

  60. Quantum the hottest game ever! Not! I wont be bying that crap!

  61. Hi! This post is likable and your blog is very interesting, congratulations!
    add your

    wont say i told you so.

  63. david mcdouche failing hard in here, lmao

    " exclusives don't sell :("

    back in the corner kid.

  64. Ah good, an anonymous retard who is the unfortunate demonspawn of a brother - sister marriage. If i was as pathetic as you i would probably hide behind an anonymous name as well.

    Would you like to provide some facts to back up your claims that 360 exclusives have sold better than Gran Turismo? No? Why not? Because there aren't any? LMAO - typical retarded crapbox 360 fanboy, pulls any old garbage out of thin air without even thinking it through.

    Come back when you can provide some facts to back up your claims.....also, maybe get the other inbred hicks to tell you what your name is.

  65. Anyone that looked at Quantum theory could tell that was coming onto both consoles. It's nothing like Killzone 2 is it.

  66. Ddamn I struck david mcdouches nerve, ROFL.

    How does using a franchise's lifetime sales history justify you're retarded rants?

    Oh wait it doesn't...

    Its common knowledge 360 is a software selling beast, your crying won't change that.

    Keep sticking to personal insults and " guys :(", you don't look like a moron, LMAO

  67. Oh wait I know, its because you theres no single PS3 exclusive thats sold as much as 360 exclusives, ROFL

    Hmmm nice try, mcdouche.

  68. For fun lets compare THIS GEN's sales of GT since you hold it in such high regard

    GT4 Prologue = 4 million

    Halo 3= 8 million


  69. Lz

    To above poster, The Halo series has sold 27 million copies worldwide.

    The Gran Turismo series has sold Over 53 million units worldwide.

    So is this why you say THIS GEN when in all truth GT has sold much more than Halo has done.

    In your words


  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. Wow, your an idiot. Quantum Theory huh? A game that's clearly a rip off of a game that PS3 fanfairies said they hated anyway (Gears) and it couldn't be done, huh? idiot. Read the News, dumbass.

    You said the same thing about the original Assassins Creed, DMC and FF Xlll..... oh yeah, and Haze. That one apparently was too advanced for the 360.

    All's I know is that I just returned Assassins Creed 2 on the PS3 for the 360 version dues to the excessive pop ups and frame rate dips. Advanced my ass. Go read the last 3.5 years of IGN's Head to Head series where they recommend the 360 version 85% of the time.
    And let's not forget the whole PSN ripping off LIVE from Achievements to features..... every PSN update includes tweeks to make it more LIVE like. If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny.

  72. i own both consoles and all of the exclusives for the playstation are pretty terrible, especially the resistance series and final fantasy.. truely awful. now gran tourismo is a good one. it is the only ps3 exclusive i would dream of buying if it would ever see the light of day.
    now for the x box 360, the only one of their exclusives that looks even remotely good is left4dead.
    for those dissin the xbox for breakin all the time, fair enough they had a problem but its sorted now.. my ps3 has also kicked the bucket twice within 8 months, whereas once my xbox was fixed it has stayed fixed for a year and a half now. n im not the only one whos ps3 has died 3 of my frinds have had the exact same thing happen. as for the playstation 'superior technical abilities' i have yet to see a game that plays or looks any better on the ps3

  73. God Ps3 fans are so ignorant and myoic and delusional it's hard to believe they are older than 13. Keep hanging your hat on Garan Tourismos numbers from the last two gens. You have to right? What else have you got? Metal Gear Solid? Oh wait. Not anymore.

    Good luck with that!

  74. Ehhh, just a thought, If you want to play a game so badly and it's not on your console, Go out and buy the other console. I've got both, I buy games on either, depends what i've from PLAYERS reviews, not the game sites. If it's better on one, or only on the one then get it for that console if you badly need it. I love Forza, so i buy it, I love Resistance so i bought that too.

  75. Quatum is also coming for the Xbox 360. Never say never. But yes mosst of those game will never be on Xbox 360.

    Also Imsomniac Games is a second party gaming studio exclusive to Sony. And everything they make is own by Sony.

  76. To the inbred spastic replying to me. Looks like you can't accept the fact that there isn't a single 360 franchise that can sell as well as the Playstation franchises. Gran Turismo has sold more than Halo and Gears Of War put together so why don't you tell THAT to your mum the next time you're participating in a shameful display of fornication fully nude for the camera together for all the other sickofants and hypocrites to purchase?

    You jerm - incubating hicks obviously don't research the games industry at all. Claiming the Halo franchise has sold more than Gran Turismo.....what a retard, ROFL!

    Keep replying if you want but the fact that you have to hide behind an anonymous username like a typical diseased 360 fanboy troll makes it clear that your idea of morals is to marry your sister after you get her pregnant............LOL!

    Oh.....i forgot something......OWNED.

  77. ROFL these Ps3 tools got owned so hard in here.

    You know you lost whena all you can do is resort to is redneck jokes.

    Yeah I used THIS GENS's sales, I did YOU a favor dipshit, Halo has 30 million with 3 GAMES, GT 6+ games.

    Keep crying though and retortin with more BS.
    " are anonymous :("



  78. You must be so bitter with all the Playstation franchises jumping ship. But hey, i'd feel like a used POS too if I paid $600 for a paperweight, ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  79. Oh wait now I get it, constant redneck jokes, using "mum". This crybaby prick is from the UK.

    Hows all that crow taste you chav?

  80. LMAO all the PS3 pussies have left is GT.

    Forza's had 3 AAA games since GT4 and GT5 STILL isn't here. sold more so its better :("


  81. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  82. You guys need to be more decent in here.

  83. LMAO owned again mcFAIL, HAHA

  84. Why all the Fanboy crap.?

    It is FACT that the PS3 is the BETTER console on the market today, holding more TECH than ANY other console EVER released to date. If ANYONE can't see this, or just can't except that fact, then they are just blinded by fanboyism and no one can help them.

    Games like the GT series have sold over 53 million games worldwide to date. ( Not including the PSP sales of the GT game ) The GT series are only playable on SONY consoles.

    Now Halo series ( including ODST Expansion & Halo Wars ) has sold 27 million copies worldwide to date. Halo can also be played on a PC as well as MAC computers, not just the xbox or the 360 consoles.

    So the FACTS yet again point out that SONY has sold more GT series ( exclusive games ) than Microsoft's Halo series, ( Non-Exclusives )due to being made Multi-Platform.

    Also this is FACT. The best graphical looking game is on the PS3. Killzone 2 is one of them, as well as Uncharted 2. So no matter what fanboy's say, until a game comes out on the 360 and takes that FACT away, it's here to stay.

    Heres another FACT. PS3 even though in the UK was released 15-18 months after the xbox 360 are now only 3 million consoles approx behind the xbox 360 total sales. Yet when the PS3 was released the xbox 360 had sold about 10 million consoles.

    So FACT shows one thing. In the SAME time span the PS3 has been outselling the 360. Which also means that this time next year COULD be that PS3 will take 2nd place, while the xbox 360 will fall to 3rd.

    Heres another FACT that 360 owners ( Like myself ) haven't got that doesn't get talked about by fanboys. SONY gives PS3 users the feature called ( Game Sharing ).

    That means i can BUY games from PSN, and share them game with 5 active PS3/PSP consoles. So lets say i bought a game for £10.00, and 4 of my friends wanted it, thats fine.

    They can have it at NO-COST due to me buying it already. So if they had a game i wanted, they just let me share it, like i let them do with my games.

    So look at this FACT, if i spent £10.00 on a game and my friends all done the same, then we all shared them games with each other, we now have 5 games for £10.00.

    PS3 is the way forward.IMO

  85. Because of the success of the Gran Turismo series, Guinness World Records awarded the series 7 world records in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008. These records include "Largest Number of cars in a Racing game", "Highest Selling PlayStation Game", and "Largest Instruction Guide for a Racing Game". it is the highest-selling sony exclusive franchise of all time.

    Beating Halo thats Xbox Exclusive franchise game.

  86. This shows that Forza is 2nd best again lol..

  87. everybody talks halo vs resistance, and whatever other exlusive xbox has vs whatever other exclusive ps3 may have. face the facts, ps3 has more exlcusives. also note that the hardware is better. my cousin has an xbox, good for him. i have a ps3, good for me. we actually wanted to test this hardware out. we hooked both to my hd tv using the same exact cable (hdmi) and proved that games look better on ps3. we used Prototype, as it was new for both of us. i must say that both looked great, but the water effects and model detail were better on the ps3. in a controlled test, ps3 was better. as for exclusives, Sony doesn't have exclusive games. it has ENITRE EXCLUSIVE COMPANIES. My cousin is and xbox fanboy, not microsoft (as he says ipod touch is better than zune hd), but soley xbox. even he admits that inFAMOUS, which was a mojor competitor with Prototype, is a better game. he agreed that it looked better, had better story, and was more original (not a rip off of Hulk Ultimate Destruction). The only thing he could say was that ps3 still didn't have Halo. I agreed that that would be sick, but went back to not caring one way or the other. who cares about Halo, i have a pc for games that xbox may say are exlcusive. Left 4 Dead... MINE.

  88. and for the record... zune hd is better as far as music is concerned.

  89. vs XIII will not come to a shitbox asshole!!!!

    it was PS3 exclusive WORLDWIDE!!!!!!

    remmember PS3 Exclusive WORLDWIDE!!!!

  90. you know what sexbox user...

    versus is ps3 exclusive...

    ffXIII ps3 is better than sexbox...

    because it use blu ray and dual layer too....

    BYE2 sexbox fanboy....PS3 will win the console WARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!