Sunday, December 27

Thirsty Conversations: Sunday Edition

Wow, can you believe 2009 is already going the way of the dinosaur? I can't believe it either, but whether we choose to remain in denial, the year's almost out with only four more days till 2010 comes rushing.

Here's a good question: How was your year? Was it the best, ok, or the worst you've ever experienced? Look at it this way, millions have died in 2009 alone; yet we're alive and well and have a chance to face another day, week, month, and year, be grateful.

Word of Wisdom

Never expect everything in life to go smooth, you must make room for setbacks, delays, disappointments and other negatives which tends to tag along. In essence, carry more than enough oil for your lamp so that when the aforementioned happens, you'll have more than enough to keep your path lit.

And always remember God is just a prayer away.

I'm off to Church, and I'm not taking no for an answer; please come with me.

12/27/09 Ernice Gilbert

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