Wednesday, December 16

Video Thirst: Rockstar shows off the Old West.

Rockstar shows us some of the gameplay and a ton of environments in the first of 2 gamelay vids for Red Dead Redemption. It's been called GTA in the Old West but after catching this in game vid it appears to have a lot more polish than GTAIV. I just hope my horse doesn't float like the cars in GTAIV.

RDR is shaping up to be quite a game as can be seen here. The addition of the good/bad honor system asures a bit of replayability and adds somewhat of an RPG feel to things. It looks like the Deadeye targeting system from the previous game will also make a return. Check out the vid for all the dirty details and check back soon for part 2.

David Allison 12-16-2009

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