Friday, December 4

Wii sells 6 million in UK

And the hardware sales winner is.... It's the Wii, again. I sometimes wonder who are the people on God's earth buying those things? Seriously, the hardcore gamers say they're not the ones, so it must be the casual market? Darn big market it is. Anyways...

The Wii has just passed the 6 million units sold mark in the United Kingdom according to Chart Track, one week shy of three years after it launched. Talking up the system's rise to MCV, Chart Track director Dorian Bloch said "In calender year 2007, it sold 1.81 million - but really took off in 2008, with 2.73 million sold. So far in 2009 it's hit 1.31 million but we have few weeks to build on that before Christmas."

The Wii has been a sales success not doubt about it, but gamers from around the globe are up to this day complaining about Nintendo's neglect towards the hardcore. Maybe next time they'll take care of us. The Wii has made the company very wealthy you know.

12/04/09 Ernice Gilbert

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