Tuesday, July 21

Aaron Greenberg: “We’re the only console that grew in the first half of the year.”

Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox Live group product manager was more that happy to speak to Gamasutra about NPD Results in the light of his company’s positive showing. Xbox 360 sales had a 9% year-over-year increase, selling just over 240,000 units making the console the only bright spot in the hardware department this month.

This must’ve been sweet music to Microsoft’s ear, because though the Software giant’s console has a decent lead on PS3, it is facing stiffer competition as Sony has been recently turning up the pressure on it’s competitor with major exclusives, more advertising and forging partnerships that will help build the offerings of the PS3 as an entertainment hub that goes way beyond games. But that’s not all, speculation has been rampant about a new PS3 (PS3 Slim) that will hit the market soon accompanied by a price cut of $100.00. If this happens, many believe Microsoft will follow suit and drop the price of the Xbox 360 to counter Sony’s move.

It’s a full blown war between the two giants, a war that breeds innovation, creativity, perfection and sometimes contempt. But gamers are the winners. How can we loose? They make the games and we play them; fight amongst yourselves Sony and Microsoft, it’s okay, just keep on bringing the goods and we will remain under the tent as happy campers.

What do you think about the war going on between Sony and Microsoft? Is it healthy for gamers being that it’s the right formula for competitiveness? Or is there way too much fan boy lambasting going on? Let us know what you think.

07/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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