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GamesThirst Reviews Ghostbusters: It made me nostalgic

Publisher: Atari
Developer: Terminal Reality
Player (s): 1 (2-4 co-op mode)
Genre: Action
Release date: June 16th 2009

Score: 8.5

Often times we complain about games being made from Films, voicing that they are rushed out to coincide with the movie’s release, or because the publisher figures it will sell at least a decent amount of copies no matter what. We have a truck load of ammunition in our arsenal to back up these bold claims and the total disdain of such iterations, but every now and then a great movie is made into a great game, and Ghostbusters is a glaring example.

The story of Ghostbusters comes into play when Manhattan is supernaturally invaded. If you thought the movie had monsters, brace yourself, there are way more monsters in the game and that’s where you come in. Don't be afraid because all the high-tech weaponry that’s used in the movie is made available to you, so do not, I repeat do not fear.

Ghostbusters is fun and very adventurous even if I felt cheated because the story was building up to a grand climax then halfway through it dropped and ended less than stellar. Other than my personal disappointment (that’s because I love a really good story) the game is extremely fun. The controls are not confusing with overly ambitious mechanics but instead gives you an over-the-top camera (Resident Evil style). Smashing ghosts right before throwing down a trap and pulling them into it will make them weak and an easier battle for you. I never thought trapping a ghost would feel so satisfying, it’s like you’re really in there doing all the work, it really comes through the screen fluidly. As you proceed the ghosts becomes tougher to deal with, (obviously) but that too is not a problem because all your gadgets are upgradeable.

The Multiplayer is also excellent. Four players can join in on co-op that includes voice chat, leader boards and DLC. It’s not story related but stand alone side missions. If it was up to us the gamers, I’m sure we would have rather it be story co-op, but they don’t always listen to us do they?

There are a few flaws in the game that needed to be addressed. First the load times in single player are extremely annoying especially after failing a mission numerous times. There are certain parts of the game that really could have used a map to pinpoint you to the next objective. Some environments are dim, and it’s painstaking to know what to do next with no direction. There’s so much you can do with the Ghostbusters franchise, for example, the game should have more scale. You have Manhattan and Ecto-1. Yes you can destroy almost anything in this game just like the destruction frenzy that went on in the movie but an open world game would have been great.

The graphics are very solid and gives the feel that you’re playing the Ghostbusters movie. The character models are a clear example of my point, basically carbon copies of the real thing. Textures are also very nice, you’ll find yourself in many different recognizable environments. Both indoors and out doors look amazing.

Ghostbusters boasts outstanding audio the helps bring this amazing adventure to life. If you thought the voice of Bill Murray and his master ad-libbing would be compromised in the game, you were wrong. Many times I would burst out in laughter and even having to pause the game. You could sense that the script was not half baked and rushed out the oven. This is a game Terminal Reality took their time with. (makes me proud). All four original Ghostbusters are back and do a very good reprise of their roles. Rick Moranis declined to lend his talent, (retirement’s too sweet I guess). All in all the game’s dialogue shines uncompromisingly with countless laughs and nostalgic moments, so whatever his contributions were, they are not severely missed. (at least not by me).

Overall 6-7 hours of Ghostbusters is not just a quick rental, it’s a must buy for all fans of the Movie. Extremely satisfying, overwhelmingly nostalgic, solid fun, good story, straight forward controls, and with DLC on the way as we speak, Ghostbusters should definitely be part of your Arsenal. Go pick it up now.

7/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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