Tuesday, July 28

Japanese hardware Sales, July 13-19: It’s Bloody

All I can see is red, no green to spark some hope in even the most unrelenting optimist. Sales were down across all platforms as Japan continues to lose market share to the UK and US. The DSi sold a ship load of units although it was down a disheartening 17% from the week prior, helped by the recent release of Dragon Quest IX no doubt.

I guess Mr. Kaz chose the right title for his TGS Keynote later this year “New tactics for 2009” because some new tactics would be welcomed, won’t you say? The bleeding got to stop in the Orient, but I doubt it will remain this way for too long; after all, one company (‘cough’ Sony ‘cough’), could drop the price of it’s console and the charts will look great again.
But what about the Xbox360? Even the PS2 is doing better the than Microsoft's Machine in Japan. The Xbox team will also need some “new tactics” to boost sales. Nintendo on the other, could just launch a few new colors of both the Wii and DSi and Tokyo goes wild. Hey what can I say, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, this week they’re down. Here's the breakdown:

- DSi: 96,986 21,216 (17.95%)
- PSP: 24,053 2,474 (9.33%)
- Wii: 20,807 1,334 (6.03%)
- DS Lite: 9,932 229 (2.25%)
- PS3: 8,865 999 (10.13%)
- PS2: 3,352 156 (4.45%)
- Xbox 360: 2,899 662 (18.59%)

28/07/09 Ernice Gilbert

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