Tuesday, July 28

Dante’s Inferno Creators apologizes, ‘Sin to Win’ falls flat

Sin to Win ended up being Sin and Lose; c’mon EA! A lot of people were very upset (understandably so) by the publisher and Visceral Games San Diego Comic-Con contest promoting Dante’s Inferno. The contest left me thinking, where’s humanity going? I mean… ok, here are the details: One attendee will receive a “night” with two of EA’s booth girls, complete with a limo ride, “paparazzi” and “booty” of an undisclosed nature.

Photos of the girls and their potential dates can be found on Dante’s Inferno facebook page. I knew this would not turn out too good. And hence, public outrage. Women should not be portrayed in such a, well, brutish (yeah that’s the right word) manner. EA & Visceral have since published a clarification of the contest rules and apologized for "any confusion and offense that resulted from our choice of wording." way to go EA, way to go.

28/07/09 Ernice Gilbert

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