Thursday, July 30

Modern Warfare 2 to render at a mere 600p

Which would you rather have, better looking graphics, or faster gameplay? Infinity Ward has concluded you like speed better, hence the reason MD2 renders at 600p and run at 60 frames per second. Many games run at 30 frames per second and allow for better resolution at 720por 1080p. According to gamezine, this news has been confirmed by Beyond3D technical forums.

The first game also ran at 600p and played excellently, so by no means will this compromise the overall experience. But being that we’re 4 years into a generation that is beginning to get the HD format fever, don’t you think Infinity should’ve upscale to at least 720p? For all that I’m concerned, as long as it’s miles ahead of the first and not just another juiced up sequel, they would’ve succeeded. And from what we’ve seen, MDW2 won’t disappoint.

What say you? Should Infinity Ward try and push the boundaries and deliver both speed and Killzone 2 type graphics? Is that even possible? Give us your thoughts.

07/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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