Thursday, July 30

Gran Turismo 5 incoming December 29th, 2009?

It’s the biggest racing simulator known to man. Literally. The Gran Turismo games have garnered over 1 Billion dollars in sales globally. A must buy for any racing game fan, a system seller for Sony and a happy new year to Polyphony Digital. If indeed Amazon’s listing is accurate, this is big news.

Now be sure to take this with a grain of salt because we list the news under the ‘rumor’ umbrella. As playstationlifestyle notes, December 29th falls on a Tuesday, and publishers love releasing their games on that day, this is a good sign. But a sign is only a sign; good or not and December 29th is very close to 2010, most people are broke around this time of year. It might just be another place holder date, so don’t get overly excited on us.

Whether we’ll hear anything from Sony concerning this is up in smoke. They don’t like rumors at all, but the Tokyo Game Show is coming up and something might surface. Keeping my fingers crossed.

07/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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