Thursday, July 30

Rock Steady Studios: there are no plans for exclusive content for the 360 version. Sorry!

That’s what Sefton Hill told eurogamer when the question was asked by a gamer. When pressed on whether the Xbox 360 will ever receive the Joker as a playable character, Sefton’s reply was not encouraging either. His response:

All I can say is the PS3 version has the Exclusive playable Joker character, and there are no plans for exclusive content for any other platform.

In all fairness one cannot be too upset with Sony, since Microsoft has played this game many a times; the only ones loosing here are the gamers. Yep, that would be us. I’m not about to start a fanboy war though, I’ll just pre-order the PS3 version and be a happy camper. (whistling)

07/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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