Friday, July 17

Rumor: Photos of New Tomb Raider Leaked

Rumors, rumors and more rumors. Such is the plight of we the ‘hungry for gaming news’ enthusiasts. But hey some of them do turn out to be true and be honest with yourself, what’s better that learning that Lara Croft will be at it again this time kicking butt in an Open World and having an entirely reworked combat system. Plus the rumored new game will serve as an origin story. First reported by 4playercoop, the leaked screens display Lara looking more conservative in her attire with an athletic bad-girl kick-butt demeanor.

The concept for her enemies are more terrifying than what we’re used to seeing from the franchise. You also get the sense the this new game will take a darker path in both gameplay and story. Anyways remember unless Eidos comes out with some clarification, this piece will remain under the ‘rumors’ umbrella so drink with a grain of salt.

7/16/09 Ernice Gilbert

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