Monday, August 10

Editorial: What are you, hardcore or casual?

So this is how my day begins: I wake up in the morning, early, about 5am and before I do anything else, I’m outside feeling the cool morning breeze while I send up a prayer towards heaven; to me it’s the best way to start, commencing that way brightens my entire 24hours. I then take up the bible and delve into a few chapters, I love the bible. It really inspires me; no wonder it’s the all time best seller! Thirdly I’m on my iphone searching for news, not just any news, I’m on the web searching for gaming news. I scour all the sites, from Sony to Microsoft, and to Nintendo. All the gaming sites become my prey. When I’ve fully satisfied my appetite, it’s time to seat with my wife and enjoy some breakfast while we talk about plans, work, money, kids, news, and… Well… Gaming. After all the discussions, it’s time to drop her off to work and from there I’m off to work myself. And you know where I work don’t you? We call the office “Firma Gaming” (Solid Gaming) and that’s because apart from bringing you the latest news, rumors, reviews, great editorials etc., we play games all day long. No joke.

The console it’s on don’t matter that much; if it’s a great game, then we're in. We don’t even feel hungry most of the time, it’s like gaming is food for the day. (well I kinda eat while I play), hours at a time. Don’t get me wrong, there’s life in the midst of gaming, robust life at that. If all you do all the time is play video games then you’re missing out on ¾ of your life. (that’s a story in itself). There are a lot more things to do in even if you’re a hardcore gamer. To me hardcore doesn’t mean you’re locked up in a room for the entire summer like you got a phobia of sun light. On the contrary gaming is even more fun when you take a break, do other things then comeback to your love. It’s like an intimate relationship; everyone needs a break now and then right? When my wife takes a vacation, (she usually goes on a cruise or at her sister’s in jersey) I feel really good about it. First it’s good to get away from the routine that is life, but also when she’s gone I miss her like heaven; and when she comes home, oh boy the love is sooooooo good! (sorry there peeps). This analogy does not fit perfectly but you get the picture, take a break and come again, it’s more fun.

Action Adventure is my favorite genre, then coming in second are the RPG games, right after my love for Final Fantasy are the FPSs, then it’s pretty much whatever’s good here on out. I’m also very keen on the details of a game, example I’ll notice things that many people would normally ignore. Storyline is very important to me; I don’t care if it’s an FPS or RPG, give me a decent story please. I’m also easily annoyed if the controls don’t work right, to me it’s carelessness; how could you spend so much time making the graphics look good, the story is up to par, but then the controls lag? C'mon. The game also got to be a decent length. At least 10hrs for any genre. Of course the RPGs are usually longer and rightfully so, but any other game should be at least 10hrs long. You’re beginning to get the feeling that obviously I’m a hardcore gamer right? And I’m happy to be one.

So how about you? Are you a hardcore or casual gamer? Casuals only play games when they have time to spare, hardcore on the other hand make time. Casual gamers usually don’t care about the small details of a game, but hardcore guys and gals got a third eye we see through that make simple issues glaring faults. A causally gamer may look towards the weekend to play the most, hardcore gamers look towards the night into early morning (that’s me). The hardcore gamer got a gaming budget, casual gamers don’t have much of a library. The list is long, but you get the picture and these are just my opinions. So what say you? Are you hardcore or casual? Let you thoughts speak out loud.

08/10/09 Ernice Gilbert

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