Monday, August 10

Halo Movie to be produced by Steven Speilberg?

The man revered for making some of the best films, is rumored to be producing the oft delayed Halo movie. According to sources speaking with the film site IESB, talent agency CAA, and studio execcutives, Speilberg is in talks to oversee the production of a new Halo movie. Love him, or hate him, the guy is pure genious, and if the right people are involed, I believe it could be good. Most game-turn-movie or vice-versa end up being major failures in the site of gamers, so here's to hoping that the Halo joint defies the odds.

The IESB said Speilberg has been "blown away" by Stuart Beattie's screenplay, which make it sounds as if the Legend is excited to be part of the team. We'll keep you informed as the details surface.

08/10/09 Ernice Gilbert

via kotaku

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