Friday, August 7

So this is the real Microsoft, Copycats?

Yesterday a new microsoft ad was posted on the internet and instantly circulated like a pandemic out to destroy mankind. But what could this ad contain that would suddenly turn the web upside down? Well, it's a shame I even have to mention this, but it's true. Microsoft took the theme song of the Little Big Planet game, and placed it in their ad while details about Xbox Live is talked up and displayed. But should we even be surprised? I think not, here's why.

Even Microsoft has been around for over thirty years, but the company does not have a track record of true innovation. Instead, the Software giant seems to be one which lurks in the dark, wait till the competition has a compelling new product on the market and then, copy it. Case in point:

BING - Their answer to Google

Zune - The companies answer to Apple's Ipod

Xbox - Microsoft's answer to the Playstation 2

Xbox 360 - Their answer to the PS3

Retail Stores - answer to Apple's retail chains, (Microsoft plans on opening them next to Apple).

And many other failed products. I mean, seriously, can't Microsoft cook its on food? Can't they invent, or lead anything? I'm not a Sony Fanboy here, but I think the little big planet carbon copy is just another reminder of Microsoft and their dirty tricks that's taking the gaming industry to new lows. Sorry 360 fans, this is not a rant against you; just Microsoft and the unbelievably shameless way they conduct business.

08/07/09 Ernice Gilbert

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