Friday, August 7

Your Votes are in, PS3 Slim & price cut coming before 2010

I've said it before and I'll say it again, where there is smoke, most times there is fire, and in this case 85% of you believe there's fire. The PS3 Slim/price cut will come your votes indicate, and that's before the year is out. So what does it mean to you? Will you go out and buy a Slim, even if you already own the original? Or are you just happy that Sony has finally seen the light and decided to cut the price of its flagship console? Whatever the reasons, the PS3 Slim and price cut are upon us. Some reports indicate that it will be announced at GamesCom 09 in Cologne, others say it won't be out until the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, but one thing everyone agree on is its inevitable arrival.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has a lead of about 6 million units on the PS3, and that fact has been a high talking point for Microsoft execs. The software giant has stated numerous times, there goal is to beat Sony by selling more units this generation. However, Sony has more experience in the gaming industry than its nemesis, and as we speak, Sony is prepping a massive onslaught for the coming months to win the hearts of gamers the world over. So here's our new poll, Do you think the PS3 Slim and price cut of $100 will help Sony retrieve its crown? Be sure to place your vote.

08/07/09 Ernice Gilbert

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