Monday, August 10

Sony to reveal update 3.0 and new PSN at GamesCom?

And the news keep on rolling in, while getting bigger and bigger it seems on Sony's side of the fence. You thought E3 was huge? Think again, because if the rumors are true, Sony will own this holiday season. Yes, we've heard of the PS3 Slim/price cut which will be made official at the GamesCom event in Cologne, we've also heard about a rumored price cut for Sony's latest iteration of their portable gem the PSPgo, which is priced at $249.99. Believe me, if those were all the announcements the electronics giant was set to reveal, we would have been satisfied, but apparently that's just the beginning.

According to PSinsider, the Big announcements won't climax there: There's a rumor flying around that says Sony will lift the veil on something "for the first time." What's that new "something" you ask? It's the all new playstation Network we've been hearing about for sometime. As "the insider source" states, this new PSN should coincide with the release of firmware update 3.0 and should be fully detailed at Sony's press event at GamesCom, on August 18th. If the rumor is true, I suspect backward compatibility will be one of the features in the new update. Couple with all the other rumors flying around, there's no doubt that if true, Microsoft will have to step up big time, but remember, take with a spoon of salt, in other words don't get your hopes up too high, because Sony has said nothing about none of the aforementioned rumors but that "they don't comment on speculation and rumors."

At this point, I Believe it would be just ridiculous if Sony did not make at least one huge announcement at GamesCom; because now, so much depends on it.

08/10/09 Ernice Gilbert

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